Cassava starch processing plant running video

This is a cassava starch processing plant running video. The main equipment used in cassava starc processing plant for cassava starch processing includes: belt conveyor, dry sieve, paddle washing machine, cassava cutting machine, rasper, centrifuge sieve, fine fiber sieve,desander, disc separator, hydrocyclone station,peeler centrifuge, flash dryer, starch sieving machine and packaging machine. In cassava starch processing plant, the cassava is firstly cleaned and washed so as to remove the outer peel debris. Then the cassava is cutted and crushed to release starch, then the obtained starch slurry need to further separate the protein, fibers, sand and other impurities, after that, the wet starch is dehydrated and dried, and then dried starch is sieved to meet higher standard and be packed for storage or sell.

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