What are the end product of cassava?

The main usage of cassava is food, animal feed, and industry processing and develop. Cassava roots is one of the main raw material in the world for industriall starch production. Now, world harvested cassava, 65% used for food. As a raw material for the production of feed, rough cassava flour and leaves are a high-energy feed ingredient. In the fermentation industry, cassava starch or dried cassava chips can be used to make alcohol, citric acid, glutamic acid, lysine, cassava protein, glucose, fructose, etc. These products are widely used in food, beverage, medicine, textile (dyed cloth), paper making, etc. So as the question what are the end product of cassava, there don't have definite answer.

What are the end product of cassavaWhat are the end product of cassava?

What are the end product of cassava?

You can see the main industry processing products of cassava is starch, daily food, animal feed, and various of industry processing products.

1. For daily food, suggest firstly, the cassava should be peeled and cut into pieces, and then cooked by baking or boiling. After this processing, the cassava can be safely consumed. Other processed cassava products, such as starch, cassava flour or garri, are no harmless to the human body because toxic substances have been removed during processing.

What are the end product of cassavaEnd products of cassava

2. Sweet varieties of cassava roots can be directly cooked to eat, can also be canned or directly supplied to the market, and can also produce cakes, biscuits, fans, and other foods. The leaves of cassava can also be used as vegetables for food, or as an ideal feed for livestock and poultry, instead of all the cereal ingredients in the compound feed.

3. Industrial products of cassava: used in the sugar industry: produce glucose, fructose, etc. Fermentation industry, making alcohol, drinking wine, various organic acids, amino acids, cassava protein, etc. Chemical industry: manufacturing sorbitol, mannitol, emulsifiers, coatings, etc. It is especially desirable for the manufacture of degradable plastic articles.

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