What points should you consider before start garri processing?

If you want to start a garri processing business, some things you should consider before you start a garri processing plant :

The first key factor need to consider in this business is the location of the garri processing plant. It will be better to if the garri processing plant is near to the source of your cassava tubers. Remember, if the tubers are not processed within 48 to 72 hours, cassava may start to spoil. If your source is far from your garri processing plant, you may have to decide on a very reliable means of transportation to get your cassava tubers to site as soon as possible.

Secondly, we need to consider the production technology. There are two kinds of production technology in the garri processing plant. The traditional manual production technology and newly garri production line technology.

Here is the comparison of traditional manual production technology and newly garri processing technology

garri processing

Manual production VS garri processing machine

(1).Labor cost in garri processing plant

Due to the storage time of raw cassava is short, the processing should be as soon as possible. So the traditional manual process requires a large amount of labor to complete the work which is a great cost. However if choosing garri processing line, all the processing procedure can realize automation production. What the worker need to do is put the chosen high quality cassava tubers into the feed port, garri processing line will be able to start from cleaning to the final packing, thus can reduce artificial lower labor costs.

garri processing machine

DOING factory for garri processing machine manufacturer

(2).Garri quality:

In traditional garri processing line, the operation environment is not enclosed, so it is inevitable to effect the garri quality. However, the garri production line using the enclosed operation environment which avoids the material from contacting with the outside. So some adverse factors in the external environment, such as dust, impurities, bacteria will not fall into the cassava, and thus can effectively avoid the pollution occurred in the process of machining, which greatly improve the quality of garri.

(3).Garri yield in garri processing plant

In the artificial production, the quality of garri depends on the experience of the worker. And it is inevitable to cause waste because of many uncertainties and unstable factors. But using garri processing line to carry on the processing, cassava can be destroyed in the crushing process more thoroughly, so the starch extraction rate is higher, thus the garri production is higher.

garri dewatering machine

Garri fryer

For garri processing plant, under the condition of the same number of raw materials, the higher yield and better quality, the greater income the plant can obtain. By comparing the tradition manual production and the garri production line, it obviously the garri production line is a better choice.

Finally, the thing need to consider for a garri processing plant should be the machine. Good and high efficient machine can greatly save a lot of costs and improve the quality of your garri. There are three important factors need to consider.

(1), the performance of equipment. Due to the machine will be used for a long time, it will be better to choose advanced machine.

(2), the safety of equipment. The machine is operated by human, it is important to choose safety machine.

(3), the operability of equipment. If the machine is easier to learn, the worker can learn faster to save time.

garri processing machine

Garri processing machine

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