Cassava garri frying machine



Cassava garri frying machine

Garri is very popular food in west Africa. It is  produced from fresh cassava tubers by cleaning, peeling, grating, fermentation, dewatering, frying and sieving. The garri making machine that is hot sale in Africa is cassava garri frying machine.

cassava garri frying machineGarri

Cassava garri frying machine is made of several parts: the frying pot, heat resource device, heat conducting oil chamber, agitator, unloading device, control box and base support. It is fully made of food stainless steel and has excellent appearance.
Frying pot is the main part of the cassava garri frying machine. Diameter of the pot decides capacity of equipment. Normal size of the frying pot diameter is 1000mm and capacity is 100kg/h. Heat conducting oil chamber is between heat resource and garri, which can make garri being fried evenly. At the same time that garri is fried, agitator is used as well to stir garri.

garri frying machineCassava garri frying machine

Heat resource for cassava garri frying machine has two options: one is heating by electricity and another is heating by diesel burning. Because that in some countries electricity is in shortage, most client will chose to buy the diesel fueled type.

garri processing machineGarri processing plant


In garri production plant, apart from cassava garri frying machine, our company can also provide peeling machine, grating machine, hydraulic press dewatering machine vibrating sieve machine. Firstly peeler remove cassava skin, and the peeled cassava is grated into cassava mesh. Next is to put cassava mesh into bags for fermentation. Two days later, dehydrate cassava mash and get wet cakes. The cassava garri frying machine fry wet fermentative cassava into final garri product. To get finer and higher quality of garri, vibration sieve machine is used to separate course garri.

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