Cassava peeling machine delivery to Thailand

Our cassava peeling machine is with high quality and efficiency peeling, which could achieve 90% peeling rate of the second layer peels. Our company purpose is to provide customer satisfaction of produ

Potential industrial uses for cassava

what is cassava?and what is the potential industrial uses for cassava ? about the cassava processing,how much do you konw? This article will give you a detail introduction on potential industrial uses

Cassava production status

According to this situation, mechanization of cassava production comes more and more important, especially the large scale cassava production. In order to save labor cost and increase capacity, enterpr

Cassava starch plant equipment shipped to Nigeria

A big news : Cassava starch plant equipment shipped to Nigeria .Cassava starch production has always been large scale especially because of the huge costs involved. This discourages would be small sca