Rice milling and polishing machine

Doing Company manufactured and supplied rice processing machine combines the functions of rice milling and polishing, its a complete set of machines used for processing the paddy into whitening rice. Following will introduce the rice milling and polishing machine to you in detail:

The rice milling and polishing machine consists of a complete set of automatic production equipment consisting of dust removal, stone removal, husking, paddy separation, whitening, polishing, white rice grading and other processes. The rice milling and polishing machine has the characteristics of advanced technology, compact combination, high rice yield, crystal clear and flawless powder. The rice milling and polishing machine is suitable for all kinds of raw grains processing in different regions. Doing Factory can provide 10-100 tons of various types of complete rice milling and polishing machine according to your requirements.

rice milling plantComplete rice milling machines

The rice milling and polishing machine process flow main equipments adopted:

Hoister - High-efficiency vibration screen - Hoister - De-stone machine - Low pressure fan - Magnetic separator - Hoister - Husking machine - Low pressure fan - Hoister - Gravity paddy separator - Hoister - Sand roller rice mill - Hoister - Rice polishing machine - white rice grading sieve - Hoister - Color sorter - Hoister - Packaging machine.

rice milling and polishing machine

Rice milling and polishing machine main production process:

Husking: The process of peeling off the chaff in the rice is called “husking”. The rice grains that peel the chaff in the rice are called “brown rice”, the brown rice is light brown, and the machine used to peel off the chaff is called “husking machine”. The process of the husking rice cannot be 100% brown rice, and the grain and brown rice are mixed together to call it a "paddy brown rice mixture."

Paddy separation: The process of sorting the "paddy brown rice mixture" into paddy and brown rice is called "paddy separation", and the machine separating grain and brown rice is called "paddy separator". After this processing of the rice milling and polishing machine, seperated paddy will return to the husking part again, and brown rice can be into next processing step. Doing Company's paddy separator can 100% seperate the brown rice and paddy.

rice milling machineRice milling

Whitening: Grinding the outer skin of brown rice with a grinding wheel to remove the light brown layer (cortex and germ), making the brown rice into white rice called "rice" or "white rice", and the light brown powder that is crushed is called "chaff crusher". The process of milling brown rice into white rice is called "milling rice." The machine that grinds brown rice into white rice is called a rice mill. The grinding wheel used to grind rice in a rice machine is called a “sand roll”. Doing Company manufactured horizontal sand roller rice milling machine has high rice yield, less broken rice, large output and beautiful beige color.

Polishing: Polishing the rice to give a bright color, which can improve people's appetite, and the polishing machine sets the door, it is very convenient and convenient to check or replace the accessories. Polishing the surface of brown rice into bright rice grains called "fine rice" or "polishing rice" is called "polishing", the machine for polishing brown rice is called "polishing machine".

Color sorting: The rice color sorting machine is based on the difference of the optical characteristics of rice, and uses the photoelectric technology to automatically sort out the heterochromatic particles in the rice, thereby improving the quality of the rice and removing impurities.

rice polisherRice polishing

Rice milling and polishing machine production process characteristics:

1. Advanced technology, this complete set of equipment adopts the new technology of first husking then light grinding, which completely solves the problem of hard milling with shells in the traditional process, easy to broken rice and uneven grinding.

2. Advanced equipment, the complete set of equipment is equipped with our company's efficient cleaning equipment, high-efficiency shelling equipment, new grinding equipment and our company's self-developed broken rice efficient grading equipment. The application of these new technologies and equipment makes the equipment have a high yield, low broken rice rate and bright rice products.

rice mill plantRice milling machine project

3. The process of DOING rice milling and polishing machine is perfect, the complete set of equipment from the original grain cleaning, stone removal, multi-stage husking, multi-stage grinding and polishing, to rice grading bagging, distribution and all of the automatic continuous operation, smooth process, convenient operation and maintenance.

4. Low energy consumption, the complete set of rice milling and polishing machine equipment avoids the traditional high energy consumption equipment, all adopt new energy-saving equipment, and the unit energy consumption of the whole machine is minimized.

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