Fully automatic rice mill plant


Feb 18, 2019

Fully automatic rice mill plant

The complete automatic rice mill plant from Doing Company not only has the characteristics of high yield, less broken rice and good process effect, but also can add water spray mechanism. It can be water-milled when needed, and has obvious polishing effect, good color and no impurities. The complete rice mill plant is composed of a wind suction type stone removing machine, a husking machine, a gravity valley rough separating machine, a rice milling, a two-way rice milling machine, a white rice classifier, the bucket conveyor, an electric control cabinet, and the like, and with automatic operation, high rice yield, no pollution, easy operation and maintenance, it is currently an excellent complete rice mill plant in China.

Below is Doing Company manufactured automatic rice mill plant working process video:

The main part in the fully automatic rice mill plant introduction:

1. Paddy feed hopper: can adjust the height between feeding and the bucket elevator, and the feed hopper can be buried in the underground when install the rice mill plant, easy to pour the raw paddy into, very labor-saving and easy to use.

2. Bucket elevator: used to lift paddy into the de-stone machine, and lift brown rice into the grain separation sieve. Bucket elevator is the most popular conveyor used for rice processing plant.

3. Powder mill: used to crushing the chaff, the crusher in Doing Company supplied automatic rice mill plant has the advantages of quick disassembly, and wear resistance. Crushed chaff is a good material for animal feed.

4. De-stone machine: automatic rice mill plant equipped is efficient de-stone machine, also is a closed de-stone machine, can preventing dust from rising, making it more environmentally friendly and making the production workshop clean and hygienic.

rice milling machineRice mill plant machines

5. High-efficiency rice huller machine: large rice huller machine, faster, not easy to block the machine, rice huller can remove the rice shell, reduce the grain damage of the skin, keep the brown rice intact.

6. Control box: centralized operation control box, the buttons are simple and clear, easy to operate, easy to use

7. Broken rice sieving machine: sieving the broken rice out, improve the integrity of rice, and easy for bagging, convenient for users to packing rice.

rice huskerDOING rice husker / rice huller

8. Rice husk and brown rice separator: using wind blowing, sifting and other treatment methods to separate large and small solid impurities in grain and grain crops to obtain clean brown rice. The grain separation sieve is a newly designed product with the advantages of high separation effect, convenient and quick removal and washing.

9. Whitening machine (polishing): used for brown rice and whitening (polishing), with the advantages of easy disassembly, high efficiency, complete grain and so on. After this part processing in the rice mill plant, can get clean、glossy rice.

10. The automatic bran discharge device Doing Company developed eliminates the need for manual bagging, automatic put the bran into bags, saving time and effort.

autamatic rice milling plantPaddy

rice mill plantProduced rice and rice bran by our rice mill plant

Working principle of complete rice mill plant:

The material(rice) of the complete rice mill plant enters the whitening chamber by the flow adjusting mechanism through the feeding hopper, and is sent to the sanding roller by the screw head and spirally advanced along the surface of the sanding roller. The sharp sand blade on the surface of the diamond sanding roller rotating at a certain line speed is ground. The rice skin layer is roughened, and the rice grains and the rice grains, the rice grains and the rice sieves are rubbed against each other to cause poblishing and whitening. At the same time, the bran powder is forced out of the rice grains by the blasting action, and discharged from the sieve holes.

rice milling factoryProduced rice package

The rice mill plant use precautions:

1. When using the motor as the power for the rice processing plant equipment, first make sure that the power cord is firmly connected, and tightly wrap it and pay attention to the installation of the ground wire.

2. Must pay attention to continuous and evenly put the paddy into, and the amount of input should be appropriate. If it is input intermittently, it will inevitably affect the production efficiency of the equipment. If the input amount is too large and the machine is overloaded, the equipment will be stuck, which will cause the motor to burn and damage the equipment.

3. The user should pay attention to the processing of paddy water content can not exceed 20%. If the paddy's water content too high, the normal effect will not be achieved, and even equipment failure will occur.

4. Before starting the operation of large rice mill plant equipment, be sure to place it on a flat surface to ensure that the machine can operate smoothly and firmly, so as to avoid the vibration of the rice processing equipment during operation.

5. Before the end of the rice processing equipment work, the input rice should be completely removed and discharged, so that the machine can be stopped at an empty load, but the machine is prohibited from being stopped during work/rice milling process

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