How much is the cost of cassava starch plant ?

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In 2010-2019, the global annual growth rate of the cassava processing market was about 2.1%, and the output in 2019 reached about 284.9 million tons. Most of the populations in Africa, Latin America and Asia depend on cassava for their livelihoods because cassava provides food and business opportunities for farmers and traders. So what are the factors associated with the cost of cassava starch plant?

cost of cassava starch plantCassava starch plant

Investing in starch processing equipment, cost of cassava starch plant are mainly influenced by the following points:

1.Raw material: Stable and fresh cassava roots.

2.Land planting area: a stable source of cassava processing materials, a large area of raw material planted or an area that may be cultivated.

3.Funds: mainly include infrastructure, starch processing equipment, manpower, and liquidity. The cost of cassava starch plant is maily influenced by equipment funds, while the investment amount of equipment is further affected by three factors: the automation degree, processing technology and manufacturing material.

4.Water source: Processing starch requires sufficient and clean water source, which is the basic premise and guarantee for the starch deep processing project.

5.Electricity: Environmentally friendly and hygienic electric energy meets the requirements of green environmental protection processing technology. Therefore, the improvement of power infrastructure has greatly promoted the smooth development of starch deep processing projects.

6.Gas: Cost of cassava starch plant also influenced by gas factors, such as standard coal, gas, natural gas.

cost of cassava starch plantCassava starch machine

The cost of cassava starch plant is mostly influenced by starch processing equipment, for the design, manufacture and completion of cassava starch machine is a time-consuming and laborious project. And often tailored equipment according to the actual processing needs of users. Provide suitable equipment, model specifications, processing volume, performance characteristics are different, its production capacity, processing efficiency, economic benefits are also different, so it has an impact on equipment prices.

In terms of cassava production, Africa is the world's largest cassava producing area, accounting for nearly 55% of the world's cassava production. However, Africa's unit cassava production is also the lowest in the world, only 10 tons per hectare. Low productivity is the result of limited market opportunities due to mechanization and low utilization of production or processing tools. Therefore, the cost of cassava starch plant will be the most efficient way to improve it. Statistics demonstrate that African farmers need 10 days to remove or harvest their fields, while Indian farmers only need 6 hours.

cost of cassava starch plantCassava in Africa

In the processing of cassava, African cassava products have always been relatively less competitive in the world market, because the production and processing of cassava in Africa is mainly for survival, not for commercial use. Currently, major cassava producing countries in Africa have recognized the need to develop technologies to grow, harvest and process cassava to increase productivity and reduce post-harvest losses. This will make you more feedback on a certain investment of cost of cassava starch plant.

Then in order to increase the economic value of cassava by-products, the cost of cassava starch plant needs to be considered. If the potential of cassava is properly released, the cassava industry may be more likely to contribute to Nigeria's industrialization than any other industry. It is in recognition of this fact that the Nigerian government has prioritized the cultivation, processing and export of cassava in the past few years, which led to the cassava revolution in Nigeria.

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