What are main factors influencing cassava grating machine price ?

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In cassava processing line or factory, whether in garri processing line, cassava flour processing line or cassava starch processing line, cassava grating machine is one of the most important equipment. It is used to crush fresh cassava tubers into mesh form for further production. There are many factors that will affect cassava grating machine price.

cassava grating machine priceCassava grating machine

First factor for cassava grating machine price is capacity. The bigger the capacity, the more expensive of the machine. Capacity of our grating machine are like 1t/h, 2t/h, 3t/h, 5t/h, 8t/h, 10t/h etc. Normally we will furnish grater based on actual requirements of clients'. Besides equipment material also affects cassava grating machine price. Carbon steel equipment is cheaper, and it can be used in animal feed production. But in food processing line, we will use stainless steel as raw material to fabricate machinery, price maybe a little higher than carbon steel, but it's more sanitary and rust resistant.

Another element for cassava grating machine price is configuration. For grating machine, we have three different designs, small grater, hammer mill and rasper. In garri production, the small grater is mostly applied, because it can crush cassava tubers into right size granule, which make sure good taste of final garri. While in starch and flour production, we requires fineness of flour, so rasper machine will be used. What's more, rasper machine can crush cassava tubers as much as possible, which increase starch yield rate in industry starch factory.

cassava grating machine priceDifferent cassava grating machine for cassava processing

Despite cassava grating machine price itself, clients attach great importance on after-sale service, which is also one of the most important factors for machine price. Normally within one year, we can provide technical support free of charge. Besides spare parts for one year consumption will be delivered along with equipment.

When one is going to buy cassava grating machine, especially purchase complete set of equipment for projects, manufacturer is the first choice. It's not only for good price, but also for reliability. With our own factory and engineer designing team, Doing Machinery can reduce cassava grating machine price as much as we can, and at the same time guarantee best quality equipment. Compared with trading company, we can give you more competitive price.

cassava grating machine priceDOING engineer team

To sum up, it's not simple and easy to select machines only from equipment appearance and their price. Cassava grating machine price may differ a lot, but please be careful to consider about all factors that it may concern, capacity, material, configuration, after-sale service, spare parts etc.

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