Morden garri processing plant of 2tons/day

garri processing machine

Garri processing line chart flow

 Introduction of garri processing plant machine and its function:

1. Peelers: Peeling involves removing the outer brown layer of cassava tubers to expose the white/yellow flesh. However, peeling machines reduce waste, saves time and labour, and does more work in a short time; it can peel up to 2,500kg of cassava in an hour while manual peeling can only process 20 kg.

cassava peeling machine

2. Grater: This machine grinds the peeled and washed cassava tubers into a pulp or mash and can often process up to 4 tons of raw cassava in one day.

3. Hydraulic Press: This machine comes with a 30-ton hydraulic jack and does an easy job of squeezing all the water out of the mashed cassava.

garri processing machine

Cassava garri processing machine

4. Sieving machine: This is the machine that separates the fibre/lumps from the grated, mashed and pressed cassava before frying .

5.Garri fryer : Then, using a wide frying pan, fry the powder in reasonable portions until it becomes  dry and crispy product .

garri processing machine

Garri frying machine

Henan Doing company have exported many sets of garri dryer to Nigeria and other countries.We also have amany case of cassava starch and cassava flour processing plant in Nigeria,Ganna,and other Africa countries.Welcome to contact us,my engineers will give you a feasibility program according to your demand for garri processing plant.


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