Hydraulic presser for garri processing line

hydraulic presser

Hydraulic presser

Introduction of hydraulic presser for garri processing line

The hydraulic presser is also called as cassava garri dewatering machine. The inner material of hydraulic presser is 304 stainless steel chamber. It is the vital part of the whole garri processing line.
The principle and structure of hydraulic presser:
1.Using the hydraulic and self-weight, no-filter chamber cavity, which will directly press and squeeze the starch milk water under putting the cassava pulp into the filter bag to further reduce the moisture content. 
2.Two cylinders design; Both in 304 Stainless steel  chamber structure
Inside: Use to squeeze  the cassava pulp
Outside : Use to collect the starch milk.
hydraulic presser
3.The bucket and the bottom hole design mainly used for collecting the starch milk when pressing the cassava pulp to ensure not any starch milk wasted 
In this hydraulic presser process, you can collect 10% pure cassava starch milk;
You will get the cassava cake after dewatering the cassava pulp.The moisture is around 45%.
After the hydraulic presser process, the cassava cake will be fermented for several days and go to next procedure-garri fryer.


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