Automatic garri fryer

In west Africa,there are two types garri, white and yellow garri. Yellow garri is prepared by frying with the addition of palm oil to give it a yellow colour; white garri is fried without palm oil.Many variations of yellow and white garri are common across Nigeria. One variation of white garri is popularly known as garri-Ijebu.
garri processing machine
The simple garri processing line machine
Automatic garri fryer introduction:
During the whole garri processing, the garri fryer plays a very important role. Without the garri fryer, we couldn't get the final crisp, dry garri. Then how to fry garri with garri fryer?
Now we've invent one new type garri fryer, which is very suitable for the garri production line, the capacity is could be at least 2 tons per day.
garri fryer
Structure of garri fryer
The function of garri fryer:
The function of the garri fryer motor is to stir the garri in the fryer, and the garri fryer burner is used to heat the wok, so that the fryer can be cooked, for the garri fryer heater, parts of them are powered by gas,diesel and so on. and parts of the garri fryer heater is driven by electirc power to meet the different requirement. And for garri fryer wok, the capacity is designed very big, in this way, it can meet the requirement of the garri processing line.
The structure of garri fryer.There's a motor, a burner, and big stainless steel wok and so on.
garri fryer
Cassava garri fryer and grating machine
Garri fryer reference data
Heat source
Gas heating / electric heating
stainless steel
 100 kg/h
2.2 kw
garri fryer
Garri fryer and garri processing line
The material of garri fryer is stainless stell, we can promise you the high qulaity and the perfect after sales service for you.Of course, we can design the new style of garri fryer according to your demand for garri fryer.

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