Small scale garri processing line

Talking about garri, it is not strange to African people, especially for Nigeria. And more and more people realize that garri processing business is a very good way to earn money, however, the old garri processing method is very hard to meet the large market demond.

And for most of people,the garri processing machines is very expensive for them to afford. For normal processing procedure.

1. Washing

Washing the mud and the sand on the freshing cassava to keep it clean, so as to get a very good garri taste.

cassava washing and peeling machine

Cassava washing and peeling machine


Peeling the skin of the washed cassava, in order to peel the dirty part of the skin and remove the sand hiding in the skin.


Crushing the peeled cassava, so that we can dewater the cassava.

cassava dewatering machine

Cassava dewatering machine

4. Dewatering

Removing the water in the crushed cassava, so that we can fry the garri easily, and we can get some cassava starch at the same time.

garri fryer

Garri fryer


After dewatering, we can get the about 50% wet crushed cassava, then we can start frying.

However, for the most of African countries people, big capacity garri production is not suitable. And the machine price is too high.Thus, we designed a samll scale garri processing line with 3 machines as fellows:


We remove the washing part and peeling part, cause for small scale garri production line, we can wash and peel the cassava by hand, so as to save much money.


For most of the people, it is very hard to dewater the crushed cassava, it may need at least 2-3 man to dewater the cassava with woven bag, and it is not healthy at all. So we keep the dewatering machine.


Our frying machine is driven by diesel and electric power, since the diesel is very cheap in Nigeria, which is very useful.

the main garri processing line machine

The main garri processing line machine

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