Process of tapioca starch production


Jun 19, 2019

Process of tapioca starch production

Process of tapioca starch production Compared to the traditional tapioca starch production process, the modern process of tapioca starch production, practiced in the large-and-medium-scale factories relies on numbers of highly efficient equipment and machines. Grinding cassava with rasper, then extract the starch by the machine. Separated the water by the “Centrifuge”. Dry the cake in the flash dryer. This process requires only short period of time and provides superior quality of starch.

tapioca starch productionTapioca starch production process

The process of tapioca starch production may be described into 8 steps as follows:

1.Use starch analyzer machine to test starch content, so that user can calculate starch yield rate and lost in the production line.

2.Belt conveyor firstly transfer cassava tubers into the dry sieve machine to remove solid impurities that attached on material surface. Then paddle washing machine is used to wash cassava tubers completely. Cassava outer skins woul be removed as well.Two-stage process dry cleaning and wet washing is the raw material treatment section.

3.Cleaned cassava firstly enters into cutting machine for pre-crushing and then goes to the rasper machine for second crushing. Rasper machine has high line speed, which can ensure that cassava tubers are crushed to the maximum extent to make starch released from bound forms.

4.Crushed cassava mash mixed with some water is pumped into centrifuge sieve for fiber separation. In case that smaller fiber can still go through centrifuge sieve, fine fiber sieve is installed to eliminate tiny fibers.After that de-sander machine is used to remove sand debris.

5.Hydrocyclone station is used to concentrate and purify starch slurry. In the process, liquid form impurities like proteins, fats etc. are separated and at outlut we can get cerntain density of purified starch slurry.

6.Next peeler centrifuge machine function is to dehydrate starch slurry and make starch output with moisture content around 38%.

7.Starch with 38% water is sent flash dryer for further drying in very short time. And dried starch will come out with 12-14% moisture after drying.

8.After drying, starch sifter machine is installed to separate crude starch and get finer and high quality starch at outlet. Finally automatic packaging machine will be used for weighing and bagging.

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