Improved technology cassava starch production line

Cassava is widely plant in Africa and has advantage of easy-growing and high yield. It is best choice for starch processing in Africa area. Cassava starch production line manufactured by DOING company make some improvement in processing technology.

1. In the whole process of cassava starch production line, equipment parts contacted with material are made of stainless steel, which prevent cassava from corrosion.

cassava starch processing machine

Cassava starch processing machine
2. Rasper used in starch processing can grate cassava in high efficiency, which can extract starch as much as possible and get high yield of final starch.
3. Centrifuge sieve applies horizontal type, with high rotating speed and huge capacity. Fibers can be separated completely. The machine applies automatic control back cleaning system, which guarantee the machine run steadily in a long time. 
4. "Disc separator + Hydrocyclone" technology is adopted. Thorough separation of protein, high working capacity and stable good quality for final starch.
cassava starch production machine
Vacuum dehydrator
5. Drying process is controlled by interlocking system, which keeps input capacity and inlet temperature in appropriate rate. The special design ensure stable moisture content of final starch. 
6. High automation of the cassava starch production line makes it feasible for online monitoring.
7. The whole process of starch production applies full-closed system, making cassava free of air and oxidation and ensuring final starch whiteness.
8. There is no chemical needed in the process, so it won't generate harmful gas or substance. Final starch meets European health standard.
cassava starch production line

Cassava starch production line chart flow

In conclusion, the improved technology cassava starch production line process is as bellow:
Fresh cassava→cleaning and washing→cutting and rasping→centrifuge sieving→fine fiber sieving→disc separator→hydrocyclone refining→peeler centrifuge dewatering→drying→sieving→packing.
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