Tapioca slicer machine


Jun 14, 2019

Tapioca slicer machine

Except the tapioca starch, tapioca chips also one of the main export products of tapioca processing, as the the demands are growing, more and more people in Africa and India need tapioca slicer machine. Tapioca slicer machines mainly include tapioca cleaning machine, tapioca slicer machine, tapioca chips drying machine. In fact, Doing Company will provide you with the most suitable solution according to your processing needs for tapioca chips, complete tapioca slice processing line or just one set machine. Fresh tapioca can be reserve for a week, then it will become tough, which will cause the difficulty to process them into flour or starch. Therefore, more and more persons choose to process them into tapioca slices to extend the storage time. Tapioca slicer machine can be used to process tapioca into chips, the thickness of the slice can be adjusted freely between 5-15 mm.

tapioca slicer machineDOING tapioca slicer machine

The following will introduce how Doing Company tapioca slicer machine work to help you to understand our machine:

Step 1: tapioca washing and peeling The washing and peeling step of tapioca is very important, it aims to remove toxins of the tapioca skin. Our tapioca peeling and washing machine could handle large capacity of tapioca and well cleaning. This cassava peeler machine is with stable operation and easy maintenance etc. The cleaning machine of tapioca slicer machine is necessary in the whole process. It does not hurt the material, and it will work automatically.Production of Cassava chips starts with the peeling of the cassava. Peeling can be done mechanically or manually. Mechanical peelers peel as much as 2,400 – 2,500Kg per hour with a wastage rate of 30-40% while manual peeling does 22Kg per man hour and wastage of 20-25%. It's worth to say that if you don't request the produced chips without peel, the peeling machine is not essential, but if you want to get high quality white tapioca chips, better equipped with one set of peeling machine to improve your speed.

tapioca peeling machineDOING company tapioca peeler

Step 2: tapioca slicer machine The next unit operation is slicing. It is the main part of tapioca slicer machine. As is common in household processing this is done by hand or by a simple machine which consists of a driven disc with radial chipping slots fitted with cutting blades. The type consists of a heavy rotating circular steel plate about 12 mm thick and 1m in diameter to which six blades are attached. The blade consists of a 1-1.5 mm steel plate that is corrugated at the cutting edge. The slicing wheels are usually mounted in wooden frames incorporating feed hoppers and driven by petrol, diesel, kerosine or electric motors.

tapioca chips dryerTapioca slices drying machine

Step 3: tapioca slices drying Drying methods can be classified according to the technological level and cost. Natural drying, one of the methods, is done on cement floors which are sometimes painted black for better absorption of radiant energy or on trays for artificial drying. Or those slices will be put into a vinylhouse, which can absorb sunlight. In artificial heat dryers, all these parameters can be optimized to minimize the drying time and guarantee a high quality product. And the drying machine of tapioca slicer machine can be classified into two kinds. But the two drying machines are efficient and make sure high-quality tapioca slices.

Step 4: Bagging: they are then weighed and bagged in 50kg polypropylene bags and stored. This is whole tapioca slicer machine, which is made by Doing company combined advanced technology to meet clients demands, and our engineers often have business trips to Nigeria and India, which guarantee good after-sale services.

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