Industrial flash dryer

At present, the flash dryer commonly used in the starch industry. Flash drying, also known as "instant drying", Due to the fast speed and large heat transfer area, the whole drying process is completed in an instant. Its the application of dilute phase transport in solid fluidization for drying. The method is that the hot air and the solid particles to be dried are directly contacted, and the solid particles (starch) to be dried are suspended in the fluid, so that the contact area of the two phases is large, and the heat and mass transfer process is strengthened, and the industrial flash dryer is particularly suitable for heat sensitivity material drying.

industrial flash dryer

DOING flash dryer

The drying of the material, because the material and the gas flow in the same direction, the industrial flash dryer drying temperature is low, so DOING industrial flash dryer is most suitable for all kinds of starch drying process, ensures that the starch is not gelatinized, starch dried by this industrial flash dryer features in clean appearance, high whitness, glossy luster, smooth powder, and stable moisture.

DOING industrial flash dryer is composed of air filter, air pre-heater, hopper, powder thrower, dry air pipe, cyclone separator, blower, wind shutoff device and other equipment as well as temperature measurement and speed measurement device.

starch dryer

Flash dryer part-heat exchanger

The industrial flash dryer not only applies to various kinds of cassava strach, potato starch drying, but also for corn and wheat starch drying, and cassava flour drying process, widely used in the flour/powder drying process, which is effectively guarantee the quality of finished products. Industrial flash dryer makes use of high speed hot air flow to suspend the wet starch in the air. And in the process of airflow transportation, the starch drying process is completed. It has the features of large heat transfer area, short drying time and so on. In the cassava starch processing industry, Doing Company industrial flash dryer is an ideal cassava starch drying machine.

cassava starch drying machine

Heat exchanger

The features of Doing Company industrial flash dryer:

1.The technical parameters of the whole process is strictly controlled according to the theoretical calculation which ensures the physical and chemical index of the of final starch after drying.

2.The parts in contact with material of this cassava starch drying machine is made of stainless steel which ensures high standards of final product.

3.The negative press in the whole system effectively controls the loss of starch and purifies the working environment.

4.There is a special cooling system in DOING industrial flash dryer which guarantees the moisture uniformity of the finished starch and the long distance transportation.

5.The short time of materials retention in the industrial flash dryer tower and high heat-exchange rate could dry starch instantly.

6.Doing Company can design and produce the industrial flash dryer based on customers' requests on space and warehouse.

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