10 million tons potato starch manufacturers plant installed in Novosibirisk, Russia




Jun 21, 2019

10 million tons potato starch manufacturers plant installed in Novosibirisk, Russia

Good news, Doing Company installed an annual capacity 10 million tons potato starch manufacturers plant in Novosibirisk, Russia. This is a new project of our company. This client from Novosibirisk visit our company in the end of 2016, discussed many production details with us, also tell us their requests for final potato starch and introduce their potato's quality and variety. After the deposit received, Doing company cost about four month to complete all of the equipments for this potato starch manufacturers.
After these potato starch manufacturers plant equipments arrived in Novosibirisk, Doing Company send engineers to help our client installation, before installation started, our engineer also inspected the site of this plant with our client. The potato starch manufacturers plant cost nearly six month to complete the installation, then checking and testing by our engineers, testing no problem, then this potato starch manufacturers plant starch the operation, capacity 10 million tons per year, fully automatic control system.

potato starch manufacturers plant

Select the potato starch manufacturers plant installation area

potato starch manufacturers

Potato starch manufacturers plant installed in Novosibirisk, Russia

About potato starch manufacturers, it includes 11 machines: Dry Sieve, Paddle Washing, Cutting machine,Rasper, Centrifuge Sieve, Fine Fiber Sieve, Disc Separator, Hydrocyclone Station, Peeler Centrifuge, Drying Process and Packing Process.

The whole potato starch manufacturers equipment is comprised of five major sections: Washing & Crushing Sections, Screening Sections, Concentrating Sections, Drying Sections and Packing Section.
Detailed information on the following:

potato starch manufacturers plant

All main equipments used in this potato starch manufacturers plant

(1) Washing Section: two accepts are included: Dry Sieve and Paddle Washing Machine. Dry sieve has the ability to avoid sewage disposal according to multiple spiral operation, Paddle Washing Machine can remove silts and impurities from the surface of potato.

(2) Crushing Section: it includes Cutting Machine and Rasper. Cutting Machine can cut cassava for primary crushing; Rasper is best for potato filing and fragmentation, so that the crushing rate will be higher than traditional hammer type crusher. The advantage of it is to reduce the amount of work the next section needs to do for potato starch manufacturers.

(3) Screening Section: Centrifuge Sieve is stainless steel, easy for installation and maintenance. (high efficiency of starch sieving, good technical index)

potato starch manufacturers plant

The delivery for this potato starch manufacturers plant to our client

(4) Concentrating Sections in the potato starch manufacturers:
a. Disc Separator: Setting centrifuge force to accelerate separating process, separate protein and cell liquid out of potato starch slurry. Made by stainless steel to ensure the machine is sturdy and durable.
b. Hydrocyclone Station can remove fiber, protein and cell to further process starch milk. The hydrocyclone pipe made of strengthened nylon, make sure the long service life.
c. Peeler Centrifuge: Stainless steel, horizontal drum, dehydration of fine starch slurry, it can improve the production capacity by 50%, suggest you combined this peeler centrifuge with hydrocyclone station, water and energy saving, can improve the capacity for potato starch manufacturers.

potato starch manufacturers plant

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(5) Drying Section:  Negative pressure system reduce the loss of starch and guarantee the high standards of final potato starch.

(6) Packing Section: Various spouts to meet different needs for potato starch manufacturers, usually the finally manufacturing process.

Above all, this is our company new project potato starch manufacturers plant installed in Novosibirisk, Russia description and our company offer's potato starch manufacturers all equipments and manufacturing process introduction. Of course, this just is the main equipments, not include the subsidiary equipments such as conveying machine, controlling system.

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