Cassava starch equipment project in Nigiria




Jun 21, 2019

Cassava starch equipment project in Nigiria

In 2015, Doing Group installed the first cassava starch equipment project in Nigeria, which was completed and put into operation in 2016.

cassava starch equipmentCassava starch plant construction

The customer is a native Nigerian, influenced by the Nigerian government's policy of encouraging cassava production and processing, he believed that cassava deep processing is a profitable business, easpecially cassava starch processing. However, the local cassava starch equipment was backward. He decided to go abroad to buy equipment and contact us through the website. He compared a lot of cassava starch equipment manufacturers and suppliers, our equipment has the most advantages in quality and price, so he chosed us. It's worth mentioning that we are professional manufacturers and have our own factories.

cassava starch equipmentPlant construction photo

In July 2015, the customer signed a contract with us. Then the customer paid the deposit.

In October 2015, we completed the design and manufacture of the complete set of cassava starch equipment, and in November the equipment was shipped to the customer's factory.

In January 2016, we sent engineer to the customer's factory for on-site installation of the equipment. Below is the factory construction installation photo:

cassava starch equipment

In March 2016, the cassava starch equipment was installed.

In April 2016, the engineer went to the factory again to help the customer debug the equipment and train the staff.

In May 2016, the factory was officially opened.

cassava starch equipmentDOING engineer and workers

Now the customer is still in contact with us, the customer said that the factory has been running well and the cassava starch produced is also very popular.

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