Cassava crushing machine


Apr 16, 2018

Cassava crushing machine

Cassava crushing machine is widely used in starch processing industry, maily used to crush the cassava into small particles to get starch slurry. In Doing Company, the cassava crushing machine is different with others or traditional hammer type cassava crushing machine, this is a new type with newest technology, also can call it rasper, can crush cassava into fine particles, largely improve the cassava crushing performance, make the starch released entirely from cassavas, after all, the cassava crushing machine is the most important section which decided the starch yield and raw material using rate, better crushing effect, higher starch extraction rate. We can say that the cassava crushing machine decided the cassava starch extraction rate, Doing Company new cassava crushing machine can make the starch extraction rate reach to 95%.

cassava crushing machine

Cassava crushing machine

Doing Machinery cassava crushing machine has the advantages as below: moden design, compact structure, high rotational speed and high grinding coefficient. It can make a high extraction of bound starch. It's honor to say this new type cassava crushing machine is a high efficiency equipment developed by Doing Company in combination with advanced technology at home and abroad. Our cassava crushing machine technical parameters as following chart:

Model CM-250 CM-300 CM-350 CM-500 CM-600
Rotor width(mm) 250 300 350 500 600
Power(kw) 7.5-15 55-90 110-132 160-200 200-250
Weight(kg) 1500 2700 3200 3800 4500
Capacity(t/h) ≤6 ≤12 ≤20 ≤30 40

Cassava crushing machine main features:

1. Full stainless steel structure, nice modular design, this cassava crushing machine is a bidirectional rasper, can be changed easily.

2. High rotation speed and fine crushing effect, higher cassava starch dissociation rate, starch extraction rate can be more than 94%, also suitable for potato, sweet potato starch production.

3. Special slot design to replace the assembly of saw blades easily.

4. Advanced splint design to cramp the saw blades, and both sides of the saw blades can be used.

5. Special material makes the saw blade high rigidity and durability.

6. The new bearings and bearing chamber design can prevent foreign matters from coming into the bearings to ensure long service life and better performance.

7. SKF bearing from Sweden and excellent belt from Germany are used. Guanantee key parts quality, this make sure this cassava crushing machine long service life.

cassava crushing machine

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Cassava crushing machine structures and working principles:

Put the cassava into the feeding inlet, belt and rotor high-speed operation drive blade to crush the cassavas, the blade properly arranged decided the good crushing effects. This cassava crushing machine is fully made by stainless steel, the rotor is made of special stainless steel by forging process, and rotor is installed on hundreds of specially designed, two-way combination rasps with the thickness of 1.25mm. The distance between the stator and rotor is only 1-2mm, which ensures higher efficiency of this cassava crushing machine. The simple rasp clamping system ensures rasp works in the best position. And it is very simple to assemble and disassemble the machine, so no need to use special tools, general staff is OK.

For another, Doing Company can design and manufacturer whole cassava starch production line for you, and suggest you adopt our new type cassava crushing machine. This cassava starch production line main machine include: cassava cleaning machine, cassava crushing machine, starch slurry washing machine, starch refining machine, liquid starch dewatering machine, starch air drying, automatic PLC control system.

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