How to produce garri in commercial quantity?

Garri production is a very big business that is churning out millions of naira for those doing just the ways it should be done. The investors with the right machinery are making real money producing this essential commodity in some great quantity to serve the market that is far from being saturated as the demands of it continues to increase.

garri fryer & garri

Garri fryer & garri

It is a viable business because it is one of the most widely consumed food in Africa and beyond. As the population of Africa continues to grow along with its economy, likewise the demands of staple foods like garri continues to match up with it.

You may not have to concern yourself over that because you can still make it big producing and selling it locally and even contact those exporting it to be buying from you if are sure of enough quantities and best processed products.

If you have interest in garri production, here are some tips to guide you into making it a reality as you are sure to have your millions to show for it

For any serious entrepreneur to go into garri production, he may have to invest in cassava production which in its own is a profitable farming in Nigeria.

garri processing line

Garri processing line

But if you are sure of having a steady supply of cheap and fresh cassava tubers, then you can still make it without your own farm.

Another important thing to keep in mind is that cassava is a perishable item and if left for a long time it may get spoiled and that would affect your end product; because of that, always have the time frame in mind whenever you are placing order for a fresh supply or going to the market to buy yourself.

You also need to understand that there are varieties available in the markets and so make yours to be in line with what is preferred locally and in various demands too in case you have different markets with different taste traditions in mind.

How to produce garri in commercial quantity?If you wanna get more quantity of garri, you need to get the morden and high efficient garri making machine and the garri processing plant.If you have any questions of garri making machine,please tell me.

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