How to make cassava chips ?

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Cassava chips is widely used in animal feed industry, industrial ethanol processing industry. Not only China market, but also the world market have a huge requirement of cassava chips.  But do you know how to make cassava chips? What is cassava chips machine? This article will tell you more details.

how to make cassava chipsHow to make cassava chips ?

Processing of Cassava Tubers

After harvesting, cassava roots are susceptible to spoilage and without any preservation measures can only be stored for about 48hours before they begin to go bad. Therefore, African people firstly think of the method how to make cassava chips and keep the cassava long time.

how to make cassava chipsCassava

Cassava chips are pieces of dried, sliced or chipped roots not exceeding 6cm length with starch content of 70% or more. The method of processing chips consists essentially of preparing the roots, slicing and then drying the slices until they have a storable moisture content of about 12%~14%. Cassava roots when processed into chips can be used in compounding animal feed for cattle, sheep, pig, poultry and goats.

how to make cassava chipsDOING cassava chips machine

Traditional methods of chipping cassava are still in village in most parts of the Nigeria which adversely affects the production. Costs of most cassava chips machines are high and unaffordable due to high foreign exchange. But these years, with African government strong support of agriculture processing especially cassava chips making. More and more projects are setting up with the electric-motor cum manual operated cassava chipping machine for cassava slicing and evaluate the performance of the chipping machine.

Below are some photos and tell you how to make cassava chips with cassava chips machine.

how to make cassava chipsCassava chips machine

Firstly. Dry sieve to remove the sand on cassava appearance

Secondly belt conveyor to convey the cassava to cassava chips machine

Thirdly, use cassava chips machine to make cassava chips

Lastly, you can also use the cassava chips dryer or dry under the sun to make the moisture meet the requirement.

With the above acknowledge of how to make cassava chips, you are welcome to consult more details about our cassava chips machine and visit our factory in Zhengzhou, China.

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