How to produce starch from cassava chips?

ⅠProduce starch from cassava chips technical process:

Dry cassava chips - → crush - → collection - → pulping - → dipping - → pulping - → washing and sieving - → separation and concentration - → bleaching - → dehydration - → air drying - → sieving - → package.

cassava starch processing equipmentCassava chips&starch

Ⅱ The cassava chips produce starch process details:

1. Cassava chips crushing and collecting:

The crushing of dried cassava chips is different from that of fresh cassava. Most enterprises prefer dry crushing method and air collection processes. The collection system is mainly composed of exhaust fan and cyclone. It consists of a collector (or a matching bag filter) and a mixing bucket. The advantage of dry crushing method than wet crush is that the crushing degree is high (fine and uniform), which is beneficial to increase the powder extraction rate; the disadvantage is that the environmental dust is large and the energy consumption is slightly higher. Another need to pay attention to the crushing of cassava chips: not too fine crushing, otherwise it will affect the subsequent process and powder starch extraction rate.

cassava crusherCrushing machine

2. Dipping:

The starch slurry processed from dry cassava chips need to dipping before separation, and the purpose of the dipping process is to make the starch and the fiber fully absorb water, which is beneficial to the separation process, and at the same time, part of the sand, mud and the protein, sugar, fat, and the like can be removed during the dipping process, also will remove inorganic substances and other substances. The dipping process is a very important part of the production of starch from cassava chips. The quality of this process management directly affects the technical indicators such as product quality and starch recovery rate.

If the production device with sulfite water is provided, it is more advantageous for the completion of the dipping process. Related equipment: sulfur furnace, absorption tower, acid pool, etc.

cassava starch processing machineCassava starch processing machines

3. Bleaching:

The starch produce from dried cassava chips is different from the fresh cassava. If it is not treated by bleaching, it will not be able to meet the quality requirements of its "whiteness"; to produce starch from cassava chips, its bleaching mechanism is mainly "redox" reaction; in addition, the process management requirements of bleaching are more high, need to pay more attention.

Main facilities: reaction tank (or pool); process recipe.

4. Other process for cassava chips starch production:

Other production processes of dried cassava chip starch such as washing, separation and concentration, dehydration, drying, etc., are the same as or similar to fresh cassava, and are not repeated here, you can click preparation of starch from cassava to get the related information.

5. Dry cassava chips starch production technology features:

The process requirements are strict; the quality is difficult to guarantee; the processing cost is high.

cassava starch making machineDOING hydrocyclone-for starch milk washing,refining and concentration

Ⅲ The main technical indicators about starch production from cassava chips:

1. Starch extraction rate: The amount of finished starch per 100 tons of dry cassava chips generally 60-62%, preferably ≥65%.

2. Electric consumption: the electrical energy consumed per ton of starch general: 180-200 kw/T, preferably: <160 kw/T.

3. Standard coal consumption: the amount of standard coal consumed per ton of finished starch generally: 0.12-0.15T/T, preferably: <0.1T/T.

4. Water consumption: The amount of water consumed per ton of finished product general: 40-45T/T, preferably: <35T/T.

5. Cassava chips residue starch content: the percentage of starch content in the dried cassava residue is generally 28-30%, preferably <26%.

6. Yellow pulp water powder rate: the percentage of starch contained in yellow pulp water generally 0.05-0.1%.

cassava starch dryerStarch dryer

Ⅳ The features and uses of the starch produced:

1. Features: low viscosity, low gelatinization temperature, short paste, clear paste, and storage-resistance.

2. Uses: Widely used in industries such as food, paper products and modified starch.

Ⅴ Summary:

If the caasava production enterprise relies only on fresh cassava as raw material production, the production period is short, the equipment utilization rate is low, and the fixed cost of the product is high. Guangxi Province in China and Southeast Asian countries (such as Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, etc.) are rich in cassava chips. How to produce starch from cassava chips, develop new products and new processes, and improve the competitiveness and economic benefits of enterprises should attract our attention. In addition, the cassava chips produced starch has some special properties (such as low viscosity, starch paste liquid transparent, etc.), and it has its targeted users and application fields, so how to produce starch from cassava chips should not be ignored.

Finally, to produce starch from cassava chips, should be combined with the actual situation of the enterprise and the market, choose a reasonable process and equipment, and should not copy the production mode of fresh cassava starch to ensure product quality and economic benefits.

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