Tapioca processing machine


Aug 02, 2016

Tapioca processing machine

Garri, is processed tapioca (cassava) tubers, and has become a much wanted staple food in Nigeria. Once considered to be food for the poor, garri is gradually slipping out of the reach of ordinary Nigerians who sometimes cannot do without helping themselves to a plate of eba (or garri flour mixed in hot water) or its soaked version every day.


The major raw material required in the production of garri is harvested cassava roots. The fresh cassava tuber should be free from microbial or insect damage. It should also be processed within two days to prevent deterioration and loss of quality.

cassava harvester

Garri processing plant (cassava harvester)

Machines and equipment for establishing a garri plant include a 5 HP capacity machine, which can produce five tons of grated cassava tubers. You will also require a grating machine, hydraulic press, fryers, peelers/knives, wheelbarrow, basins, etc.

Garri Processing

The process of making garri is simple. It can be illustrated as follows: from cassava farm – peeling – grating/grinding – pressing – sieving – frying – cooling – bagging. In other words, you collect the cassava tubers from the farm or suppliers, wash the tubers and clean them to remove sand and dirt; you peel the tubers with a knife or machine and then send the peeled tubers to the granulator where it is grated to a pulp. The pressing process ensures that the cassava pulp is dewatered, removing its toxic elements and water. Then sieve before you fry. After this you bag your final product after frying and letting it cool. There you go; your garri product is finally out!

Tapioca processing machine:

Tapioca(cassava) harvester-  Washing- Peeling- Crusher(grinding)- Dewater-Garri Fryer:


tapioca or cassava garri processing

Tapioca processing machine for garri

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