Cassava chips cutting machine

The current high cost of cassava processing and low quality of cassava products such like cassava chips, cassava flour and so on in Africa stems from inefficient traditional production and processing methods, which severely limit the ability of the continent to enter local and export industrial markets and efficiently compete with corn starch in global markets. For cassava to play a role in the economic growth of cassava producing countries in Africa, an integrated approach combining growth of cassava producing countries in Africa, an integrated approach combining large investments in industries using cassava as a raw material(for example food, feed, ethanol and starch) and small and medium scale investments by entrepreneurs in cassava chips processing and delivery of high quality cassava products to the larger industries as well as adoption of labour saving devices in cassava production is considered essential.

cassava and cassava chips

Cassava and cassava chips

Indeed, the single most important intervention to increase the competiveness of the cassava industry is the adoption of mechanization in cassava production. So it’s very important to improve cassava productivity through approaches that optimize labour requirement during field and processing operation. Our company supply high quality cassava chips cutting machine. Many clients from Nigeria, Cameroon, South Africa and many other countries in Africa have purchase cassava chips cutting machine from us, their capacity have been highly increased.

Cassava chips cutting machine introduction:

a. Cassava peeling:  Production of cassava chips starts with the peeling of the cassava. Peeling can be done mechanically or manually. Mechanical peelers peel as much as 2,400 –2,500Kg per hour with a wastage rate of 30-40% while manual peeling does 22Kg per man hour and wastage of 20-25%. Mechanical peelers are problematic because of the non-uniform nature of the cassava roots and the irregularity in size which make smooth peeling difficult. Also, the thickness of the skin, the texture and the strength of adhesion to the flesh of the tuber differ from specie to specie thereby making over-peeling and under-peeling possible. As a result of these problems, processors prefer manual peeling for now till the mechanical is perfected.

cassava washing and peeling machine

Cassava washing and peeling machine

b. Cassava washing: The peeled tubers are thoroughly washed to remove all dirt and sand that may adhere to them. Export requirements insist that sand content should not be more than 2%.

c. Cassava chipping: The washed tubers are carted to the chipping machines where they are chipped into small chips of about 1-2 centimetre thickness and 6-7 cm long. The sizes at times depend on the prescription of the order.

cassava chips machine

Cassava chips machine

d. Cassava chips drying: The wet chips are taken to the Rotary Dryer where they are dried to 12-14% moisture content.

e. Packing: they are then weighed and bagged in 50kg polypropylene bags and stored.

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