Cassava chips cutting machine


Jun 14, 2019

Cassava chips cutting machine

Introduction to cassava chips cutting machine:

cassava chips cutting machineCassava chips cutting machine

A.Cassava peeling: The production of cassava chips begins with the peeling. Peeling can be done mechanically or manually. The mechanical peeling machine has a large output, and the loss rate of the raw material is lower than that of manual peeling. There is a problem with the traditional mechanical peeling machine because the nature of the cassava root is not uniform and the size is irregular, which reduces the peeling rate of some irregularly shaped cassava. Therefore, we designed the new cassava peeler to make different types of cassava tuber through the cooperation between the stainless steel brush rolls, thus making excessive peeling impossible.

cassava chips cutting machineCassava chips cutting machine

B. Cassava Cleaning: Thoroughly clean the peeled tubers to remove any dirt and sand that may adhere to the tubers. The sand content required for export shall not exceed 2%.

C. Cassava chips cutting machine: The blade of the cassava chips cutting machine evenly and neatly, with small loss and low noise. The machine is composed of motor, shifting mechanism and adjustable tool holder. The customer is free to master the feeding distance and will not cause the problem of material squeezing. The machine is reasonable in layout, easy to operate and lightweight.

cassava chips cutting machineCassava chips cutting machine ready for shipping

D. Drying of cassava chips: Drying can be done through machines or through self-built greenhouses. In Africa, local greenhouses can be built in the form of ventilation devices (fans or shaft flow fans to increase water dispersion). The investment in greenhouses is lower than the drying machine, so that an acre greenhouse is estimated to be able to place nearly 10 tons of production a day. Drying section can be finished completely, but it takes a long time, so if you want to know more about the cassava chips cutting machine and drying machine, please contact our customer service staff and engineers.

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