Tapioca flour making machine

cassava & tapioca flour

Cassava tuber & Tapioca flour

About the nutrition of tapioca flour:

The flour is high in calories. 100 grams of cassava flour provide about 340 calories and is slightly higher than the amount that wheat flour provides (333 calories). The flour is quite low in fat, with about 1.6 gram per 100 grams. It is rich in carbohydrates (80g/100g) and in fiber (12g/100g). Dietary fiber promotes digestion and can balance cholesterol levels.

cassava starch drying machine

Tapioca flour dryer

How to make tapioca flour with tapioca flour making machine ?

Tapioca flour is also called cassava starch which is made from cassava roots. Here is the introduction of tapioca flour making process with tapioca flour making machine. After harvesting mature cassava roots, the roots are firstly cleaned and washed. They are then grated by cassava crushing machine. After that, they need to separate the fiber and other impurities. We usually use centrifuge sieve and fine fiber sieve to separate fiber from starch. And they are then concentrated and refined by hydrocyclone station. Next, they are dehydrated by vacuum filter. And they are then often dried before being finely milled and packaged. 

For these processes, the commonly used tapioca flour making machine includes: cassava cleaning machine, paddle washing machine, rasper, centrifuge sieve, fine fiber sieve, hydrocyclone station, vacuum filter, flash dryer and automatic packing machine. Grating is one of the major factors during the cassava flour making process.  DOING rasper is high efficient grating machine. It fully absorbs the international advanced technology and has the features of high grating rate and high starch extraction rate.

Tapioca flour making machine

Tapioca flour making machine


The main tapioca flour making machine:

1. Cassava cleaning and washing machine 2. Cassava grating machine 3. Tapioca flour separating machine 4. Tapioca flour concentration and refining machine 5.Tapioca flour dehydrating machine 6. Tapioca flour drying machine 6. Tapioca flour packing machine etc.

Of course, there are some tapioca flour making machine can be replaced with other machine. Any question about tapioca flour making machine, welcome to contact us. And DOING engineer will give you a feasibility program according to your demand and budget for tapioca flour making machine. 

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