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Cassava flour making machine processing

Cassava root -- cleaning -- washing -- crushing -- press dewatering  -- sifting -- drying -- sieving -- packing -- storing.

Cassava flour making machine introduce :

To produce high qualtiy cassava flour, the fresh cassava roots harvested 10-12 months after planting. The fresh roots must be healthy without rot and well handled from farm. The roots should be processed within 24 hours after harvesting.

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Main cassava flour making machine

Peeling:  Peel with clean stainless steel knives and remove woody tips. Ensure that the rind is  completely removed  to ensure low fiber  and  white color  of the finished product. Avoid excessive waste of roots during peeling. Mechanical peelers are available in medium to large scale processing. By the way, if you adopt the newest rasper for cassava crushing, because of its good crushing effect, the peeling machine is not essential.
Washing: Wash peeled roots thoroughly in clean water to remove pieces of peel, sand and other dirts. Pieces of clean cloth and used sack can also be used to facilitate washing.  
Crushing:  Grate roots properly in clean stainless steel grater to obtain uniformly smooth mash.  The grated mash must be uniformly smooth without lumps. In case of non-uniform mash, grate again until smooth mash is obtained. The smoothness of the mash determines the quality, yield and market value of the finished cassava flour.
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DOING cassava peeling machine
Press dewatering: The mash  is loaded  into  sacks  and  pressed to remove as much moisture as possible. Pressing is completed when water is no longer dripping from the sacks. Complete dewatering facilitates drying. Pressing should be done immediately after grating to avoid the onset of fermentation. The pressing time depends on the efficiency of the press and moisture content of the mash. 
Sifting or Sieving: Cake breaking is done using clean hands followed by sifting with non-rusting sifter into clean basin. It can also be done by placing the pressed cake back into the grater and disintegrate for drying. Sifter made of stainless steel material is preferable.
cassava flour making machine
Cassava flour packing and storing
Drying: Dry the disintegrated/sifted cake in a dryer to reduce moisture level to acceptable level according to national regulatory standards. Sun drying, use of mechanical or solar dryer can be employed to reduce the moisture.  

Milling: Milling is done to obtain fine textured flour using hammer mill or disc attrition mill.

Packaging : Pack desired quantities of cassava flour in polythene bags and/or sacks, seal or stitch as appropriate. This avoids absorption of moisture of the flour from the environment.
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DOING cassava flour making machine packing and delievry
Storing:  Store in a cool, dry, well ventilated, insect and rodent free store/enclosure. Storing in this way, the cassava flour can be stored for at least eight months.  
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