Starch hydrocyclone station,fine white starch production key equipment

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Principle of starch production: In fact, it is a physical separation process that separates cellulose, protein, inorganic salts, and other substances from raw materials from starch. In the production process, the starch is separated from the water suspension by a large amount of water, using a special amount of water, depending on the nature of the starch being insoluble in cold water and having a specific gravity greater than water.

Starch equipment production line process: multi-stage cleaning - crushing - filtration - sand removal - concentration&refining - dehydration - drying - cooled packaging

cassava starch processing machineDOING hydrocyclone and its parts

Then Doing Group will introduce the key production process to ensure the quality of starch---starch concentration and refining process. The equipment used in this process is the starch hydrocyclone station.

Concentration is a prerequisite for starch refining. Hydrocyclone station in starch processing plant function include concentration, recovery and refining starch. According to the uniquely designed concentration system, the starch concentration can be higher than 22°be, and the high concentration can ensure that most of the fibers and proteins are separated, ensuring clean, high concentration and net value. Use the starch hydrocyclone station to concentrate and refine starch to produce truly high quality starch. Hydrocyclone station also a key equipment in modern cassava starch processing plant.

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