How to maintain cassava processing machine ?

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The cassava products made from the cassava processing machine has high precision, cleanliness and reliable quality, and can be used as processing raw materials in various industries. Therefore, more and more cassava processing enterprises choose the professional cassava processing machine to carry out cassava production. In the process of using the equipment, equipment maintenance is an important task, which not only can extend the service life of the equipment, but also can fully exert the performance of the equipment. So how do you maintain cassava processing machine when you use it?

cassava processing machineCassava processing machine

First, the amount of clean water should be controlled during use.

In cassava production process, the ratio of clean water to cassava should be controlled. It will not only affect the quality of final products, but also affect the use of equipment. As cassava processing machine manufacturer, Doing Company recommend the ratio of cassava and clear water preferably around 1:3. The washing machine should be filled with water before using. Then open all the equipment to add the soaked cassava to the machine. Note that the water in the water tank of the washing machine should be properly replaced according to the situation. At this time, although the equipment can work normally, the operator should pay attention to inspection in order to eliminate fault finding in time.

cassava processing machineCassava washing machine

Second, the cleanliness of the whole machine should be kept.

In the maintenance work of the cassava processing machine, the cleaning work is also indispensable. It is recommended that the operator of the equipment should carefully clean the whole machine after each work, especially for the screen of the relative machine, so as to avoid congestion of the screen hole, thereby reducing the efficiency of screening and affecting the quality. Besides, do not use hard objects for cleaning to avoid scratching the machine. It should be noted that in the process of cleaning, operators must always pay attention to whether the machine has abnormal noise, and report the problem in time.

Third, the lubricant should be applied in time.

If the cassava processing machine is not used for a long time,it is necessary to lubricate oil to make it suitable for long-term idle state. Although it does not work without friction, it may be rusted when the air contains some moisture. Therefore in order to prevent rusting of equipment, it is recommended to apply lubricant in time.

cassava processing machineMaintain and inspection cassava processing machine

In short, it is essential to keep the whole cassava processing machine clean and apply lubricant in time during the maintenance work of the equipment. In addition, operators should immediately cut off the power, remove the barrel, and clean the equipment in the event of a power outage or stop turning when using the cassava processing machine. The producer only pays attention to the maintenance of the equipment during normal use, so that the cassava processing machine can be used for a longer period of time.

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