Garri making machines send to Cameroon

Jan 07, 2019/ DOING News/ Chat online

In the Sep. in 2018, one of our Cameroon customer ordered several garri making machines from our company, he plan to processing cassava 5-6 ton per day. After the communication, Doing Company made a suitable machines configuration for him, finally he choose the cassava grater, hydraulic dewater and garri fryer machines. He produced garri before but quality not good enough, also have some simple cassava processing machines and enough labour. Now he plan to start his garri processing business officially, so he finding and bought these garri processing machines.

garri making machineGarri fryer loading and shipment in DOING factory

It's worth to tell you that Doing Company after received this Cameroon's customer deposit then began these machines manufacture, and cost about one month to complete the machines manufacturing. After all machines prepared as customer's requests, Doing group packing, loading and delivery these machines, send them to Cameroon.

gari processing machineHydraulic press dewater machine preparation in Doing factory

garri producing machineGarri making machines loading and delivery

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