Garri frying machine price in Nigeria

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Garri frying machine is a commonly used machine for garri processing in Nigeria. It is mainly used to dry the garri with high water content to obtain the edible garri which meets the standard. The garri frying machine is favored by garri processing workshops and processing plants because of its good frying effect. For many people who want to engage in garri processing in Nigeria, garri frying machine price in Nigeria is their main concern. So what is the garri frying machine price in Nigeria, and what are the main factors affecting its price?

garri frying machine price in nigeriaGarri frying machine

First is the output of garri frying machine

Different garri processing plants produce different capacities of garri, the required capacity of the garri frying machine is different, and the garri frying machine price in Nigeria is different. When buying garri processing machine, customers should purchase the corresponding capacity of machine according to their own output. If the equipment processing capacity is too small, the production demand cannot be met, and if the processing capacity is too high, it will cause waste. If you have any questions, you can consult DOING engineers, who will give reasonable advice based on your actual situation.

Followed by the processing technology of garri frying machine

The processing strength of different manufacturers is different, and therefore the quality of garri frying machine is also different, so is the garri frying machine price in Nigeria. Some people only choose the cheapest manufacturer when purchasing garri frying machine because of the lack of knowledge of machine, regardless of the company's processing strength. Although the machine is inexpensive in price, it may increase costs due to the backwardness of the process. For example, the equipment requires a lot of manpower assistance, the operation process is not simple, and the heating method (for cost considerations) must be considered. Or else, it may not only the product quality is not guaranteed, but also other problems in garri making process.

garri frying machineDifferent type garri frying machine

Then the material of garri frying machine

In order to prevent contamination during the garri frying process, the garri frying machine is generally made of stainless steel to avoid garri pollution caused by equipment rusting. The quality of the garri frying machine directly affects the final quality of the garri, so though garri frying machine price in Nigeria made of stainless steel is high in price, it is necessary to choose it.

The above is the main factors influence the garri frying machine price in Nigeria. The garri frying machine price may also influenced by country of origin, whether supplier has its own factory and other factors. Doing Company is a famous manufacturer of garri processing equipment located in China, but DOING equipment introduces advanced technology from Europe, and the price is far lower than the price in Europe. With own factory, all our garri processing machine is sold at factory price which is lower than other trades company. Therefore DOING is a good choice for investment in garri processing.

garri frying machine price in nigeriaGarri frying machine for garri making

Garri is the staple food of most families in Nigeria. Traditional garri processing is mostly small workshop processing. In garri processing, it mainly includes cleaning, peeling, grinding, dehydration, drying and other steps. The cassava is first cleaned to remove impurities, then peel the outer peels and be ground into cassava pulp, and the moisture of the cassava pulp is pressed, and finally used garri frying machine in the final step to obtain dry garri that meet standards. Traditional small workshop garri processing usually adopts a homemade garri frying machine to fry garri. However, their equipment is generally not made of stainless steel, which is susceptible to contamination during processing and affects the quality of the garri. With the development of cassava deep processing technology and equipment, more and more garri processing plants choose reasonable garri frying machine price in Nigeria for garri processing. Buying a high quality garri frying machine can bring more profit for your garri business.

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