Cassava starch into biodegradable plastic

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China Hainan's largest fully degradable plastics project, introduced by the Hainan Provincial Institute of Ecology, was put into operation in Haikou on November 28, 2013, it is currently running smoothly. Processing cassava into starch produces a fully degradable plastic product, that is cassava starch into biodegradable plastic.

Using cassava to process starch to produce fully biodegradable plastic products, do you believe it? Hainan's largest biodegradable plastic project introduced by Hainan Ecological Research Institute, with an annual output of 1800 tons, mainly used to replace disposable non-degradable plastic shopping bags, garbage bags, agricultural film, cups, bowls, lunch boxes, etc. Can effectively eliminate plastic pollution and protect the ecological environment.

cassava starch factoryStarch-based plastic granules

In the production site of a factory where cassava starch into biodegradable plastic, a bag of white plastic granules is “swallowed” by the production machinery, and some “spit out” shopping bags, garbage bags, and some “spit out” agricultural film, commonly used cups, bowls and lunch boxes. Chen Qingquan, the person in charge of the Hainan Environmental Protection Products Co., Ltd., said: The plastic products produced from cassava starch can be completely degraded in 90 days if buried in underground compost, and the plastic will turn into water and carbon dioxide and return to nature.

Why is plastic completely biodegradable? Liu Tao, deputy dean of the Provincial Ecological Research Institute, said that the processing raw materials of the “completely biodegradable” plastic products in this project are mainly starch produced from cassava, and the production has reached the food grade. According to the National Plastic Products Quality Supervision and Inspection Center, the complete degradation rate of plastic products made of cassava is 6 times higher than the international standard. The energy saving is more than 100 times that of all petrochemical plastics, and there are also the peculiar effects of improving the soil. Cassava starch becomes waste produced in the peoduction process of cassava starch into biodegradable plastic, after being crushed, it can also be used as an animal feed and an organic fertilizer raw material.

cassava starch production factoryPlastic bags made by cassava starch

The “completely biodegradable” plastic products produced in Hainan, China, are processed from raw materials such as starch granules produced by cassava processing and it reached food grade.

According to reports, Hainan's largest fully degradable plastics project is expected to have an annual output value of more than 50 million yuan, an annual tax revenue of about 6 million yuan, the scale will continue to expand, to achieve biological resources, use pollution-free, pollution reduction. After the cassava starch is turned into a biodegradable plastic project, it can reduce the concentrated emission of carbon dioxide and replace the polluted non-degradable plastics, extending a more reasonable and efficient industrial chain, and the by-product waste gas can also be Utilization has improved economic and social benefits.

According to statistics, Hainan currently uses about 1.5 million plastic bags per day, of which more than 90% are non-degradable plastic products. Non-degradable plastic products are discarded at will, posing serious potential hazards to the ecological environment. Incineration of discarded plastic products produces harmful gas "dioxin", which seriously pollutes the air and harms human health. After the ordinary plastic enters the soil, it takes at least 15 months to decompose, which harms the growth of plants and crops. In order to reduce the plastic waste in Hainan, the Hainan Provincial Ecological Research Institute began to find solutions and technologies in 2011, and finally introduced the production technology project of “cassava starch into biodegradable plastic”.

cassava starch factoryTableware made from cassava starch

It is worth mentioning that cassava is planted more in the central and western cities and counties of Hainan. With the expansion of cassava production, Hainan will build a base for producing cassava starch granules. According to the annual production line of 350,000 tons of starch, one acre of land average production of cassava 3-4 tons, according to 4 tons of cassava production of 1 ton of starch, can drive the surrounding farmers to plant starch cassava planting 300,000 acres, according to the starch market price of 3,500 yuan / ton, just cassava starch processing industry can increased around farmers income by about 105 million yuan.

Nowadays, the production technology of cassava starch into biodegradable plastic has been perfected. Doing Company as a manufacturer and supplier of professional cassava starch production machines, will continue to pay attention to the cassava starch into biodegradable plastic develop. In recent years, plastic products made from cassava starch have been used in many areas of China. In September 2018, when our company organized a trip to Qingdao, China, the cassava starch plastic tableware was used in the restaurant, its appearance is white, very clean, no smell.

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