Cassava residue used for animal feed

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Cassava residue is a by-product of the extraction of starch from cassava, the main components of which are starch and cellulose. The most important waste in cassava processing plants is cassava residue. In medium and large cassava processing plants, whether it is cassava starch plant or tapioca flour processing plant, cassava processing will produce a large amount of cassava residue. Therefore, how to further process these cassava residue to improve economic efficiency is a concern of many people engaged in cassava processing.

cassava processing equipmentsProcessed cassava residue animal feed

Cassava residue contains fiber, protein, etc., and also has certain nutritional value. At present, dried products can be dried and processed into feed products for sale to farmers, and farmers have a good response. Therefore, the application of cassava residue raw materials has become its main utilization. However, if your cassava processing plant is not large, it is not recommended to use professional cassava slag feed production equipment. It is recommended that you produce cassava according to the tapioca starch processing plant or the cassava processing plant. The amount of slag determines whether this set of cassava mash feed processing machine is equipped.

The cassava residue feed processing machine is mainly composed of a dewatering part and a drying part. The cassava residue is treated by mechanical dewatering + drum drying. The treated cassava residue feed has a water content of 12% to 14%, and is uniformly dried and sufficient, is the ideal animal feed. On the other hand, the use of cassava slag at a price can save nearly half of the feed cost compared to corn bran and rice bran. In the case of feed quality, if a high quality potato slag dryer is used, the material can be treated under conditions that ensure nutrition. These two advantages are also one of the reasons why the company uses cassava slag as a feed ingredient. At the same time, they add some of the benefits of cassava processing plants and address waste disposal issues.

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