Cassava processing is an important way to improve cassava economic value

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Cassava processing is critical to the future of cassava because cassava roots are prone to decay. Currently, most of cassava roots are consumed or sold near the place of production. With the continuous development of the global cassava processing industry, new cassava processing technology plays an important role in promoting cassava processing and production.

cassava processingCassava

In Africa and Latin America, cassava is a staple food for the 500 million people and is increasingly being processed into ready-to-eat and other cassava processing products. Demand for these foods is increasing due to the growth of middle class consumers and urban population.

In Africa, the first product of cassava processing in homes and villages is mainly garri (called "farinha" in Brazil, called "gari" in West Africa), which can be widely sold as convenience food because it is easy to purchase, store and prepare. The processing method of garri is very simple, garri is obtained from cassava by peeling, grinding, fermenting, dehydrating and frying. Garri production is suitable for small-scale family workshops or small cassava processing plants.

garri processingGarri processing

Cassava flour is also a common cassava processing product in Africa, which can partially replace white flour for bread production, thus providing consumers with different grades and prices of bread. This product has great potential in many developing countries, especially in Africa, where bread made entirely from imported wheat flour dominates the market, therefore low-cost cassava flour is the best alternative to wheat flour for bread making. In order to improve the application of cassava flour in bread making, the International Institute of Tropical Agriculture in Nigeria collaborated with the bread industry to conduct a study to evaluate the results of mixing of different proportions of cassava flour and white flour. Studies have shown that replacing some wheat flour with cassava flour in the bread does not affect the taste of the bread. Therefore, cassava processing into flour can not only reduce the import of wheat flour in African countries, but also improve the economic benefits of cassava, and even the high-quality cassava flour produced can be exported.

cassava processingCassava flour processing

Cassava starch also has great growth potential, both for industrial and human consumption. Cassava processing into starch is a more complicated process, on the basis of cassava crushing, the fiber, protein, sand and other impurities in the starch slurry is further removed to obtain pure starch, then by dehydrating and drying, the easy-to-store dry starch is obtained. In Southeast Asia, starch processing is the main market driver for cassava processing industry. Thailand is the world's largest exporter of cassava products, mainly including cassava starch and cassava chips. The viscosity and cut resistance and freeze resistance of cassava starch are attractive to manufacturers of specific foods, carpets and latexes. In order to compete with corn and sweet potato starch, the cassava starch industry should take advantage of features not found in other products.

cassava processingCassava starch processing

Finally, processing cassava into cassava chips for livestock feed. However, the main obstacle to the widespread use of cassava chips in livestock feed is the inability to reliably supply and maintain quality throughout the year. First, cassava processing products must compete with grain products. Therefore, reducing production costs is the key to the survival of cassava chips as a cash crop. The traditional manual cassava chips processing not only wastes labor but also causes raw material waste, and the cassava chips making machine solves this problem very well. In particular, DOING newly developed cassava chips making machine can combine cassava peel and slice ??into one, which is large capacity, uniform slices thickness, good quality and adjustable slice thickness. The cassava chips produced by this machine is more competitive in the market.

cassava processingCassava chips machine

As a crop that is not resistant to storage, cassava can only improve its economic benefits by cassava processing. Cassava processing is also a good way to  stimulate the development of cassava processing industry and increase the income of producers, processors and traders. Doing Company as a professional manufacturer of cassava processing equipment in China, we can provide you with cassava starch processing equipment, cassava flour processing equipment, garri processing equipment and cassava chips equipment. If you want to work in the cassava processing business, you can contact our sales manager and tell us your budget, we will recommend the appropriate cassava processing equipment for you.

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