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The varying shapes and sizes of cassava tubers have made cassava peeling to be one of the major problems in the mechanization of cassava processing. A cassava peeling machine was designed and constructed. The design parameters include a power requirement of 0.36hp, belt tensions of 349.7 and 1807.5N and shaft diameter of 35mm. Its main component is a peeling chamber, which consists of two perforated drums rotating in the opposite direction. The machine had an average capacity of 44.50kg/hr, an average peeling efficiency of 83% and an average percent flesh loss of 5.38%.

Different shapes and sizes of cassava tubers make cassava peeling one of the main problems in the mechanization of cassava processing. Doing Company dedicated in cassava peeler design and fabrication. Design parameters include a power requirement of 0.36 hp, belt tensions of 349.7 and 1807.5 N, and a shaft diameter of 35 mm. Its main component is a stripping chamber, and the cassava peeler consists of two porous drums that rotate in opposite directions. The machine had an average yield of 44.5 kg/h, an average peel efficiency of 83%, an average percent cassava body loss of 5.38%.

cassava peelerDOING cassava peeler design

The cassava peeler design is still a challenge for engineers involved in cassava processing due to the irregular size and shape of the cassava tubers. The cassava peeler design and fabrication to provide a basis for commercial production of cassava peelers at relatively low cost using locally available raw materials. The successful manufacture of cassava peeler is important for the industrial development of cassava processing.

The manual method of peeling the cassava is primitive and cumbersome. It is carried out by manually peeling the cassava with a sharp edge object such as a knife. The peeling is slow and the yield is low. The advantage is that the peeling is clean and suitable for use in a family diet.

The mechanized cassava peeler design can peel off a large amount or a batch of cassava at a time. The speed is fast and the output is large. The disadvantage is that it can not be completely stripped clean. It is suitable for the cassava processing plant with large output. The cassava peeler design and fabrication by Doing Company is widely used for customers' cassava flour processing plant and garri processing plant.

cassava peeling equipmentCassava peeling process

Cassava peeler design and fabrication from Doing Company:

DOING company's mechanical cassava peeler is mainly composed of motor, reducer, chain, roller and so on. The brush roller has the characteristics of soft, medium hardness, strong elasticity, firmness, high temperature resistance, acid resistance and friction resistance. Therefore, cassava peeler machine can remove the cassava skin without damaging the raw materials. The cassava peeled outer body is made of high quality steel and is not rusted and clean. The automatic mechanical cassava peeler is easy to operate, high in yield and clean, and it is a must-have machine for garri and cassava flour processing plants. When operating this cassava peeler, the machine must be turned on before placing the cassava to avoid heavy loads and shorten the operation time. Open the spray valve and clean with the feed, after washing, the cassava peeler is opened to remove the peeled cassava, which is actually discharged automatically.

The structure of DOING cassava peeler design:

In the curved center of the peeling machine, there is a screw shaft device. On the main shaft of the cassava peeler, there is a spiral blade, and under the drive of the main shaft, the material can be continuously pushed forward to the exit direction, thereby achieving continuous operation of the device. The cassava peeler can be equipped with a water spray device according to the process requirements to remove impurities on the skin and brush bar in time. The Doing company's mechanical cassava peeler has a simple structure, stable and reliable operation, strong processing capacity and simple maintenance. It is ideal for cleaning and removing impurities from cassava tuber crops. The machine transmission chain transmission, and the maintenance is simple and convenient. In addition, cassava peeler design and fabrication by Doing Company operation is simple and easy to learn.

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