Two set cassava grinding machine sale to Nigeria

Date:Sep 17, 2018/ DOING News/ Chat online

One of Nigeria customer ordered two set of cassava grinding machine from Doing Company, he finding us from our website, after confirmed the requests with our sale manager in 28th in July, he paid the deposit. About the cassava grinding machine, although there are spot in our factory, he still want us to manufacturer new ones for him, so we cost half month to complete the machine manufacturer, then loading and shipping to Nigeria from Qingdao port. Below is the cassava grinding machine for this Nigeria customer manufacturering and loading photo:

cassava grinding machine in Nigeria

cassava grinding machine manufacturering process

cassava grating machine for sale

Cassava grinding machine loading and shipment

This Nigeria customer bought our cassava grinding machine used in his garri production business to improve the production speed, after our machines adopted, improve the garri production capacity, get higher economic benefit. Finally, you can click small capacity cassava grating machine to see the machine working process.

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