DOING cassava grater machine shippment to Philippines

Date:Oct 22, 2018/ DOING News/ Chat online

One of Philippines customer bought three set cassava grater machine from Doing Company. Because this machine sells very well, so DOING factory has always been in stock. So the cassava grater machines was quickly prepared and sent to this customer in the Philippines.

cassava grater machine philippines

DOING cassava grater machine

DOING cassava grater machine structure:

The cassava grater machine mainly composed of a feed port, a cone mill combination, a separation cylinder, a stirrer, a gap adjusting device, a base.

cassava grater

DOING cassava grater structure

Working principle of the cassava grater machine:

After being fed into the feeding port, the cassava is pulverized into a filament shape by the licking roller, and is brought into the cone grinding seat, which can complete the three processes of coarse pulverization, fine refining and slag separation of fresh potatoes at one time. Under the push of the screw shaft, it is squeezed into a narrow gap formed by the inner casing of the cone mill. Under the rotation of the inner shell of the cone mill, the material is further pressed, pulverized and ground to release the starch from the fiber. After being ground into the separation cylinder, the ground material is thoroughly mixed with water under the action of a stirring shaft, wherein the free starch is dissolved in water, flows out through the separation sieve and is collected for use, and the remaining dross is pushed by the stirring shaft. Launched outside the separation cylinder.

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