Tanzania cassava flour processing project report

Jan 17, 2019/ DOING News/ Chat online

From this(Tanzania cassava flour processing project installation project) video, you can see this project for cassava flour processing project in Tanzania installation has been complete. So in there, Doing Company offer a report for this project.

cassava flour production machinesMachine installation

Firstly, timeline summary:

May in 2017, initial contact with this customer and understand his willingness to establish a cassava flour processing plant in Tanzania,

August in 2017, came to Doing Company  to inspect and further confirm the machines needed for the project, then in Sep., paied the deposit(40% of total price),

January 13, 2018, DOING factory complete all machines manufacturer and inform customer, then in 18th, customer came to our company to check the machines and paied the balance, and in 19th-21th, Doing factory worker cost three days to loading these machines and send the containers to Qingdao port, it's worth to tell you that this set of machines totally used four large cabinets to install,

cassava flour equipmentFactory installation

April in 2018, customer received these machines in Tanzania,

On November 2nd, engineers from our company to Tanzania to install these machines. On January 15, 2019, the engineer told us that the installation was basically completed. On the 20th, they will return to China from Tanzania. At this time, it is only half a month from the Chinese Lunar New Year holiday. After holiday, engineer will go to Tanzania again to test these machines to ensure they can work smoothly, during this period, customer need to prepare enough fresh cassava and other demand materials, also arrange the factory operators.

From above, you can see that there wait long time between customer received machines and our engineer went to install, that's because at that time, customer did not have start to build the factory. So if you want to start your factory processing as soon as possible, it’s important to plan your time and arrange every step. Our company will also cooperate with you.

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