One Belt and One Road to promote cooperation with Cameroon customers

Mar 04, 2019/ DOING News/ Chat online

On March 22-24, 2018, Cameroonian clients paid a state visit to China and expressed their high approval for President Xi Jinping's concept of the Human Community and the “Belt and Road Initiative” initiative. After the leaders of China and Kazakstan officially signed the "One Belt, One Road" cooperation document on August 31, 18, China will strengthen cooperation in the construction of infrastructure in Kazakhstan and help Cameroon promote industrialization and modernization.

cassava processing machinesPresident of Cameroon pays a state visit to China

It is precisely because of the cooperation between China and Cameroon, the Cameroon customers have noticed the Chinese cassava processing machine. On June 17, they thought that customers from Cameroon came to Doing Company to visit the cassava starch processing machine, and initially understood the equipment processing. Information, the close exchanges in the early stage laid the foundation for future friendly cooperation.

cassava production machinesCassava

The customer operates a food processing company in Cameroon, focusing on food safety and hygiene and the realization of equipment functions. In particular, it is required that the equipment materials should be wear-resistant and durable, and the processing capacity can be achieved in actual processing. Taking into account the details of equipment operating costs, processing technology, energy consumption, water consumption and power consumption, through the guidance of the staff of DOING company, we finally chose a complete set of cassava starch production machine with 3-4 tons of cassava raw materials. It is sturdy and durable, with excellent configuration, high production efficiency and good finished product quality.

At present, the company has signed a contract with Cameroon customers. After the machine is finished, it will be sent to Cameroon via Qingdao Port. The customer expressed the hope that the overall installation of the equipment will be completed before the end of 2019 and will be put into use as soon as possible. Dongying will actively cooperate with the customer's plan to produce as soon as possible. Good machine and delivery, after the customer receives the goods, dispatch engineers to install in the past to ensure that all machines can run smoothly.

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