Industrial processing of cassava for flour

High quality cassava flour is simple unfermented cassava flour. Nowdays, finding new products for wheat flour substitution becomes utmost priority especially with the price of wheat in the international market is becoming unbearable. It has demonstrated that bread and confectioneries baked with 10% cassava flour inclusion in wheat flour compared favourably with those baked with 100% wheat flour. Therefore, the industrial processing of cassava for flour is becoming more and more necessary, and cassava flour processing business can get higher profit in Africa, especially in West Africa..

Here is the main steps of the industrial processing of cassava for flour (all machines adopted from DOING company):

cassava flour making machine from China

Main cassava flour processing machine from DOING

The first step is cleaning and washing, dry sieve can remove dirt, sand and small stones. According to the multi-screw operation, the blade cleaning machine can remove the sediment and impurities on the surface of cassava. At the same time, the outer skin of cassava can be simply disposed of. This is the first step of the processing of cassava for flour. If the client want small scale, this step can be replaced by labor.

The second step is crushing: cassava rasper is high efficient, can get better crushing effect than other types crushing machine. Because of the centrifugal force, the blade and clamping device are thrown to the outer edge.The cassava are then ground up with file shards and tooth flakes. Large crushing capacity, strong production capacity, uniform product size, low energy consumption, simple structure, light weight, convenient operation and maintenance, high toughness. All the above is the advantage of the rasper. Doing Company introduce the rasper machine in processing of cassava for flour is better for you to start your casssava flour production business, can get higher quality cassava flour, help the cassava flour more widely used in many kinds of food making.

cassava flour processing machine

DOING desander

The third step of the processing of cassava for flour is slurry de-sanding: cassava slurry is pumped into the cyclone de-sanding machine. The impurities will be separated and collected into a container discharging, this step guarantee the finished cassava flour clean enough, keep its taste.

The fourth step of the processing of cassava for flour is pressing: plate and frame filter press is a dewatering machine which utilizes pressure to remove the liquid from a liquid-solid slurry. A plate and frame filter press is the most fundamental design, this type of filter press consists of many plates and frames assembled alternately with the supports of a pair of rails. When the separating chamber is full, the filtration process is stopped as the optimum pressure difference is reached. The solids remain in the void between the plates, until the plates discharge the filtered solids.

The fifth step is milling: after dewatering, the cassava flour will be cassava flour cake. It is not convenient to dry. So the cassava flour cake will be milled by hammer mill. During the processing of cassava for flour, hammer mill can be also taken by other crushing machine.

The sixth step is drying, flash dryer is the last step in the process of industrial processing of cassava for flour. Since the flash dryer adopts negative pressure and cooling system, cassava flour can be dried completely. The machine is key to the processing of cassava for flour. After drying, finished cassava flour can be send to sieving and packing.

You konw the large production enterprises of cassava flour in African countries are few and far between. The future development of cassava flour production can be imagined. So the market of the processing of cassava for flour is very promising. And Doing company will provide best machines and professional team if you plan to start your cassava flour processing plant.

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