How to wash cassava for garri process ?

Fully cassava washing is the guarantee for the cassava processing products quality, especially for garri process, because compared with the starch extraction, the garri processing is relatively simple. And produced garri are eaten directly, so cassava washing effect also will influence the garri taste.

Then how to wash cassava for garri process ? Next DOING company will give the answer:

cassava cleaning machine

Dry sieve working for garri process

Cassava is bigger than potato, irregular shape, so for the industrial garri processing for business sale, suggest you adopt the professional cassava washing machine, generally, to get a good washing effect, there are two section for cassava cleaning and washing, to wash cassava, dry sieve combined with the paddle washer is an ideal choice.

Dry sieve does not require water, it mainly utilizes the friction and collision of the raw material and the machine. When raw materials enter into the dry sieve for the process of how to wash cassava for garri process, they will rotate and move forward under the push of this cassava processing machine. In the process of rolling, collision and friction, the sand, dirt and small stones which is attached on the surface of the raw material will be wiped away effectively. The mud, sand and other impurities fall into the mud bucket through the gap between the bars of the cage and is discharged regularly. While the material removed from the soil is discharged into the next equipment from the feed inlet of the inner surface of the dry sieve.

cassava washing machine

DOING paddle washer

The paddle washer machine for how to wash cassava for garri process adopts the countercurrent washing principle. The main spindle of this machine is equipped with plate and paddle, which forms a spiral arrangement on the main spindle. In the continuous rotation of paddle, due to the water moves in the reverse direction with the materials, the materials are fully rolled and rubbed so that the soil attached to the surface of the material is effectively rubbed off. Then the materials are constantly pushed to the discharging outlet. At the same time, the lighter organic impurities floating on the surface of the water and flow away with the flow, while the heavier inorganic impurities settles in the bottom collector boxes and are regularly cleaned out of the machine. Thus in the continuous process of materials entering and leaving, after the rubbing of the paddle, soaking, specific gravity sedimentation process, the raw material is ultimately cleaned up to reach the quality standard before entering the grinding machine in the process of how to wash cassava for garri process.

All in all, for how to wash cassava for garri process, adopt the professional machines is your best choice, produce fast, large capacity, save manpower, improve garri processing quality, its beneficial for you to get higher profit.

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