How is cassava processed ?

Cassava is not resistant to storage, it is best to process it as soon as possible after harvest. The processing method for extending its storage time is usually in the form of dried cassava chips, which are chipped and dried. The cassava chips are more processed by machines because of the speed. Generally, the first step for how is cassava processed usually the peeling because the cassava outer peel is poisonous, or the cassava is first cleaned before further processing.

In addition to the cassava chips processing, cassava is usually processed into starch, cassava flour and garri, then they can furthered processed into many kinds of products. Cassava products are now more and more widely used in many production area, especially cassava starch is widely used in industrial production in the world. Here, for how is cassava procesed Doing Company mainly introduces the industrialized cassava processing completed by the machines, include cassava starch processing, cassava flour processing and garri processing, after all , these are the most commonly cassava processing method.

cassava processing machinesMain cassava processing machines

1. Cassava starch processing:

Fresh cassava cleaning and washing - cutting and crushing - starch slurry separation - fine filtration - desanding - concentration&refinery - dewatering - wet starch drying.

2. Cassava flour processing:

Cassava cleaning and washing - crushing - desanding - press dewatering - drying - sieving and packing.

cassava flour processingCassava flour processing

3. Garri processing from cassava:

Cassava cleaning and peeling - grinding - fermentation - press dewatering - frying.

Among are the briefly answer for how is cassava processed through the three main cassava processing way, in fact, you can as your requests to choose and combine the cassava processing machines to service for your cassava processing business.

Cassava has a wide range of industrial uses. The primary cassava processing methods are cassava granules, dried cassava chips and cassava starch processing. Cassava granules can be used as animal feed. Dried cassava chips can be used as raw materials for the production of industrial alcohol, acid vinegar, citric acid and ethyl acid. Cassava starch can be used as an important raw material for industrial products processing. In Nigeria, Ghana, Tanzania, Niger and other countries, cassava is also widely used in cassava flour and garri processing, or further processing garri into fufu as a daily diet. The most popular cassava processing method products currently on the international market are undoubtedly cassava starch and dried cassava chips. These two cassava processing methods are an important basis for industrial product processing. As a professional cassava processing machine manufacturer and supplier, Doing Company can provide you with various cassava processing machines.

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