How does a flash dryer work ?

Doing Company flash dryer working principle:

The air is heated to about 180-300 ° C through the heater and enters the flash dryer. The wet material is sent to the screw feeding mechanism by the conveying device, and the screw feeder can be steplessly regulated, and the bottom annular gap is adjusted according to different material properties, so that the wind speed is in an appropriate state. The material enters the drying tower directly through the flash dryer screw feeder, and under the impact and driving of the high-speed airflow, it rapidly disperses and rotates with the airflow to complete the drying process.

cassava starch dryer

DOING flash dryer overview

For relatively large and humid particles, the high-speed airflow is not enough to break and rotate them, so it gradually falls under the action of gravity. When it falls to the bottom of the flash dryer main machine, the crushing device placed at the bottom is forced to break and micronize, and then with the high-speed airflow, the rotation process is repeated to complete the drying process.

Dried material discharge from flash dryer: the dried material enters the pulse bag filter with high-speed high-temperature airflow. The airflow enters from the outside of the filter bag and is discharged upwards. In order to prevent the filter bag from accumulating, the pulse solenoid valve is used to input the high-pressure airflow (0.4-0.6Mpa) from the upper part of each filter bag at regular intervals, and the filter bag is repeatedly back-flushed to achieve the dust-removing effect.

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Flash dryer structure

Doing Company flash dryer features:

1. The tangential inlet air is adopted by the double air passage, which avoids the speed unevenness of the rotating field in the radial flow field.

2. Our flash dryer can effectively control the final moisture and fineness, and control through the coordination of the swirling plate and the inlet air velocity.

3. The rotary blade has a unique arrangement structure with small wear, wide contact surface and large cutting force.

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Flash dryer installation in factory

4. It is good at handling heat sensitive materials. The bottom of the main engine belongs to the high temperature zone. The gas velocity in this zone is high and there is a cooling water protection device to avoid material coking.

5. The system has small resistance, high thermal efficiency, good operating environment and low labor intensity.

6. The host uses a new sealing structure, the life cycle of the flash dryer main bearing is extended and the bearing housing has an oil circulation cooling device.

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