How cassava processing into tapioca

Tapioca is the main constituent of cassava roots. The cassava processing into tapioca is wet-milling method. The production equipment from Doing company is to produce tapioca from fresh harvest cassava root. The tapioca processing plant is designed as the buyer requirement.  About how cassava processing into tapioca process, it mainly includes cassava washing and cleaning, cassava cutting and crushing, tapioca extraction and concentration, tapioca dewatering, tapioca drying, tapioca sieving and packing.

cassava processing into tapioca
Machine used for cassava processing into tapioca

Step 1. cassava washing and cleaning
Dry sieve and paddle washing machine will be used in the section. The purpose of cleaning is to remove sand and peels of the raw material. Then fresh cassava will be fed into paddle washing machine, but cassava feed must be uniform . If too many cassava are in the paddle washing machine, there is no space, cassava can not roll, which can not achieve the purpose of peeling and cleaning. Too little is not up to production. This is the first process about how cassava processing into tapioca.
Step 2. cassava cutting and crushing
Cutting machine and rasper will be used in this step. The cassava is too long. If cassava can not be cut into pieces, then the next rasper will bear heavy load. And then rasper will crush cassava into a kind of mush with high efficiency.

cassava processing machine

Cassava crushing machine

Step 3 tapioca extraction and concentration
This step is a very important in how cassava processing into tapioca. Centrifuge sieve will separate tapioca and residue by its fine sieve screen. And then fine fiber sieve will be used to screen some fine fiber. In order to guarantee the fineness of tapioca, disc separator will be used to remove some fiber, cell liquid and other dirt. The last one of this section is concentration and refining and washing, the tapioca slurry will go through hydrocyclone unit, the final slurry will be purer.
Step 4. tapioca dewatering and milling
About this process of how cassava processing into tapioca, tapioca slurry will be dewatered by peeler centrifuge. Then it turns out to be tapioca cake, it will be ground by hammer mill so as to dry tapioca easily.

Cassava crushing machine

Tapioca dewatering machine

Step 5. tapioca drying
After dewatering process, the flash dryer will dry tapioca in a short time. The machine has heating part and cooling section. And the machine adopts negative pressure system, so the moisture of tapioca is about 36.5%.
Step 6. tapioca sieving and packing
After that, the last process about how cassava processing into tapioca is tapioca sieving and packing. Tapioca will be sieved by tapioca sieving machine , the big size tapioca will be ground again. And the final product will be  packed by automatic packing machine.
Above all methods are the whole process about how cassava processing into tapioca. We can provide you the complete tapioca production machine and we have exported many sets of tapioca processing machine to Africa countries and offer good after-sale service.


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