Tapioca starch processing machine

Principle of tapioca starch processing:

The tapioca starch production process is a physical separation process, which separates the starch in tapioca raw materials from cellulose, protein, and inorganic substances. In the tapioca starch production process, accoring to principle of starch is insoluble in cold water, and the specific gravity of the starch is greater than that of water. Using water and specialized starch processing equipment, the starch is separated from the water suspension to achieve the purpose of recycling the starch.

tapioca starch processing machine

Tapioca starch processing machine

Tapioca starch processing process:
Washing and cleaning section - Rasper(crushing section)  - Centrifugal Sieve - Sand Remover - Starch Refining System(Hydrocyclone) - Vacuum Dehydrator - Falsh  Dryer -- Starch packing section
tapioca starch processing machine
Tapioca starch processing line
Brief introduction of major equipment and functions:

De-stone System

Removes hard impurities in raw materials

Belt scraper conveyor

Lifting and conveying the raw material

Dry cleaning peeler

Peel the face tapioca and dirt

Paddle type washing machine

Washing the tapioca

Belt scraper conveyor

Lifting, conveying, picking tapioca

Rasper Crushing tapioca and get the tapioca cake,pulp

Centrifugal sieve

Multi-stage crushing, multi-stage filtration

Disc separator

To separate protein and cell liquid out of slurry

Hydrocyclone station

To concentrate and delicate scrubbing starch milk

Vacuum filter

Starch dewatering effect is good

Flash dryer

To get the drying tapioca starch

Starch screening

Screening the dry starch

Automatic packaging machine

Packing the starch into bags
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