Hydrocyclone for the refining process during cassava starch processing production line

cassava starch processing machine

Cassava starch processing machine

During the cassava starch production line, the refining process is to remove residual fruit juice and impurities to get higher quality of cassava starch.

Normally we use the hydrocyclone for the refining process. The concentrated crude starch milk is washed with fresh process water. With hydrocyclones it is feasible to reduce fibre and juice to low levels with a minimum of fresh water. To save rinsing water the wash is done counter currently - i.e. the incoming fresh water is used on the very last step and the overflow is reused for dilution on the previous step, and so on.

In the strong gravitational fields of a hydrocyclone for the refining process and a centrifuge, the starch settles quickly, while fibres (pulp residuals) just float in the water.

The hydroyclone has no moving parts and the separation is dependent on the pressure difference over the cyclone.

hydrocyclone machine

Hydrocyclone machine

Each hydrocyclone for the refining process is adjusted to force the light fraction of fibres and the smaller starch granules into the overflow and the larger starch granules into the underflow.

Impurities of equal density as starch cannot be separated from starch by centrifugal force. That is why it is so important to remove as many impurities as possible from the root surface in the washing station.

Although some impurities go with the starch in the underflow, there is, by means of a sieve, a last chance to remove the larger particles. Impurities not removed this way are not removable by any known technique.

Starch is among the most pure of all agricultural products. Actually, purity is the most important parameter for being competitive.

No significant amount of juice is left in the starch. The colour or whiteness may be improved by the use of sulphite in the right place and dosage, and by removing iron and manganese from the process water. Oxides of iron and manganese (e.g. rust) are dark coloured components, which have to be re-moved in the water treatment plant.

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