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cassava tuber

Cassava tuber

Cassava is the shrubs, is a perennial plant. Root in cylinder, of different varieties, big difference between number and thickness of root. Cassava root starch content is high, but very little protein, fat and ash. Starch content of fresh cassava root is 23% ~ 32%. It is the high quality of starch processing raw materials.

Working principle of cassava starch processing production line:

Cassava starch production process is a physical separation process, is the separation of cassava starch, cellulose, protein, inorganic substances and etc.  In the process of production, protein is insoluble in cold water and that higher gravity than water, separate the protein from the water slurry starch with water and special equipment, so as to achieve the goal of recovery of starch.

Cassava starch production line technology: Using starch production of wet process, without adding any additives, the entire process have advantages of mature technology, advanced equipment, scientific and reasonable process. Starch production process is designed according to the cleaning , crushing,  sieving, enriching and refining,  dehydration and drying six sections. Crushing and sieving section adopt bending screen extruding miling machine of national patent. Through multistage crush, multi-phase, multi-stage extrusion in circulation unique craft, kudzu slag residue in silk hair after crushing and filtering; this line has advantages of low energy consumption, high extraction yield and excellent starch, improves the production efficiency of production line and starch extraction yield.

cassava starch processing line picture

Cassava starch processing line picture

The applicable objects and characteristics of cassava starch processing equipment production line:

Suitable for above medium size of cassava starch processing factories and customers using cassava as raw materials; The whole process operates automatically from the raw material’s cleaning, crushing, starch extraction, fine filter, bed cleaning, enrichment, refined, dehydration, drying, etc.  Products processing capacity is large, short production cycle; raw material from cleaning to the finished product only need more than ten minutes, effectively avoid the materials exposed to the air for a long time and oxidative browning and dust and microbial secondary pollution, improve the production efficiency and product quality.

cassava starch processing line

Cassava starch processing line

Production technology of cassava starch processing line:

Belt conveyor --spiral cleaning machine—destoner cleaning machine-- blade cleaning machine-- new type of squirrel-cage washing machine-- bending screen extruding milling machine-- fine filter net(round barrel)—desander machine-- starch microfiltration machine-- refined starch concentration system-- vacuum dewatering machine-dryer.

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