Cassava garri roasting machine


Jan 10, 2019

Cassava garri roasting machine

Roasting usually the last step for garri processing from cassava, there is no doubt that the garri roasting machine is the most important part in the garri processing factory. Except the garri roasting machine, main garri processing machine also include cassava peeler, grater, dewater and vibration sieve. In this, Doing Company mainly introduce the cassava garri roasting machine for you.

DOING garri roasting machine is an automatically roasting device which can also control temperature itself. Its mainly used for garri processing. The garri roasting machine mainly consists of pan, frame, stirring part, heating part, driving part, discharge part and others.

garri roasting machineDOING garri roasting machine

Compared with the traditional easy device for garri roasting, automatic garri roasting machine can get higher speed, larger capacity, heating evenly, no paste, guatantee garri good quality, also more clean and safety. Recently, mechanized garri processing more and more popular, thus select suitable garri processing machine is very important.

Doing Company saves manpower, improves product output and reduces production costs through automated design and manufacturing. Our garri roasting machine one-piece stainless steel pot body ensures smooth inside the pot. Steam, liquefied gas, natural gas, electric heating and heat transfer oil can be used to driven the machine. DOING garri roasting machine has the characteristics of large heating area, high thermal efficiency, uniform heating, fast heating of materials and easy control of heating temperature.

garry roasting machineGarri roasting machine packing and delivery from Doing Factory

Main features and advantages of Doing Factory garri roasting machine introduction:

1. Stainless steel body can guarantee hygiene of garri. Heating fast, even and temperature stable, can prevent pasting phenomenon.

2. Doing's garri roasting machine pot body adopts a stamped and formed semi-spherical stainless steel pot body, the overall roundness error is small, and the automatic stirrer and the pot body are highly attached to avoid the paste phenomenon of bottom.

3. Doing Company garri roasting machine is automatic hydraulic type, which uses hydraulic thrust to make the stirring arm reverse, and then uses hydraulic thrust to tilt the pot body, it does not need to disassemble the agitator, and it is easy to enter and leave materials to save manpower, improve the speed.

cassava garri processing machineMain garri processing machines

4. The stirring system of garri roasting machine adopts the combination of self-rotation and revolution, and its transmission ratio is not the integer transmission ratio, ensuring any mixing blind spots not in the pot, this ensures garri stirring fully and uniform.

5. DOING garri roasting machine is divided into different heating method: electric heating, hot stirring wok, steam heating, gas heating, electromagnetic heating, can be customized according to your requirements.

6. The garri roasting machine has large heating area, high thermal efficiency, uniform heating, fast heating of materials and heating temperature. The heating temperature can be set freely according to the requirements of garri processing, thus ensuring garri quality.

7. A variety of interlocking protection, leakage protection, system over-temperature protection and other safety devices ensure that the garri roasting machine control box, motor, and mechanical components are effectively linked, and no malfunctions occur, that's to say this garri roasting machine will not be damaged due to human error. Equipment is protected, always in an orderly working state.

Finally, please don't worry about garri processing machines installation and operation, what you see from the picture is the machine you will get, its complete, when you received our garri processing machines, just open the switch, then they will work automatic, very easily to operate.

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