Cassava flour processing factory


Feb 12, 2019

Cassava flour processing factory

Due to cassava has the properties of perishable and not resistant to storage, more and more people are taking into cassava processing project to increase the value of cassava. Especially in the African region, where cassava is an important staple food, and where cassava flour is an important cassava processing product. Through simple or modern cassava flour processing equipment, the cassava flour processing factory processes the cassava raw material into cassava flour, which not only preserves the nutritional value of cassava, but also increases the income of farmers and solves the problem of cassava storage.

cassava flourCassava flour

So what are the working procedures of the cassava flour processing factory?

The cassava stacked in cassava flour processing factory is first transported to the feeding funnel by a forklift, and conveyed to the dry sieve by a belt conveyor to remove large stones, gravel, clods and other impurities. This is the initial impurities removal process of cassava processing.

The impurities attached to the cassava are then washed further with water. The paddle washing machine is a high-efficiency washing device designed according to the characteristics of cassava. It adopts the principle of countercurrent washing, which not only effectively cleans cassava impurities, but also saves water consumption in cassava flour processing factory.

cassava flour processing factoryCassava flour processing machine

The cleaned cassava needs to be crushed and to release intracellular contents. In cassava flour processing factory, There are two ways to crush cassava, the first method is first to remove the toxic outer skin of cassava with a cassava peeling machine, and then crush the cassava with a general crusher. A more advanced method adopts rasper to crush the cassava without using a peeling machine. Rasper as an advanced cassava crushing machine, with 95% crushing rate which is not only more efficient, but also improve the cassava flour yield.

In the process of cassava crushing, in order to make the cassava pulp more convenient to enter the next procedure, it is necessary to add an appropriate amount of water. The cassava pulp obtained after crushing cannot be directly dried because of the high water content,therefore cassava flour processing factory also needs a dehydration step. For large cassava flour processing factory, the plate frame filter press is an effective dewatering equipment with high output, good dewatering effect, high degree of automation and small filter cake. The small factory can be equipped with a hydraulic dewatering machine, which is low in price, easy to operate and easy to maintain.

cassava flour processing factoryDOING cassava flour processing factory project

The dehydrated cassava is sent to flash dryer by screw conveying in cassava flour processing factory. Airflow dryers are commonly used cassava flour drying machine can be used for the drying of cassava starch and cassava flour, as well as other starch drying. It features with high thermal efficiency and short drying time.

In general, the above is the entire production process of cassava flour processing factory. Due to the application of the cassava flour processing equipment, the cassava production and processing has an automated production process, and the fully automated operation mode also reduces the labor input of the customer, improves the work efficiency and the level of the cassava flour production process. Welcome to contact Henan Doing Company about cassava flour processing equipment, we can provide professional cassava flour processing factory projects from equipment design, manufacturing, delivery, installation, commissioning to factory construction.

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