Cassava flour machine


Jun 13, 2019

Cassava flour machine

Cassava flour machine consists of the most basic four parts, washing, crushing, dewatering and drying.

Paddle washer: A extensively used cassava flour machine for cassava washing, according to your cassava processing capcaity, it can be single slot or double slot. But no matter it has one or two slot, it use countercurrent washing method, for its washing effect is better while water consumption is less.

cassava flour machinePaddle washer

Crushing machine: Among the crushing for the processing of cassava flour. Utilising the rasping machine in the crushing section, the Rasper has a high rotational speed, a high linear velocity, and an ideal crushing effect. The equipment is more stable and is under a vibration absorbing device. In addition, the energy consumption is quite small.

cassava flour milling process DOING rasper

Dewatering machine: it adopts a plate and frame filter press, and the reinforced polypropylene filter plate is molded by a plurality of patented technologies, and the surface is flat, smooth and high in strength and light in weight. The racks are all made with high-strength steel welded parts. The frame has high strength, stable structure and long service life, which can withstand the strong pressure caused by the filter press.

cassava flour processing equipment Plate frame filter press

Drying machine: The flash dryer is a novel horizontal intermittent vacuum drying device. The wet material is evaporated by conduction. The scraper stirrer continuously removes the material on the heated surface and forms a circulating flow in the container. After the water evaporates, the water is evaporated, then vacuum pump is pumped out. Higher quality cassava flour can be obtained by the cassava flour machine.

Cassava flour machine Cassava flour plant

In addition to the cassava flour machine mentioned above, the cassava flour project will involve many other influencing factors, including topographical foundations. Because of the need to take into account the bearing capacity of the equipment, the location of the anchor bolts and others. Therefore if you want to order cassava flour machine or build a cassava flour processing plant, welcome to contact us, our sales manager will recommand most suitable cassava flour machine for you and our engineer can design plant planning drawing that can save your money for plant construction.

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